Aminia Special Egg Biryani with Handi Mutton & Chicken Tandoor || Indian Spicy Food Loves You

Aminia Special Egg Biryani with Handi Mutton & Chicken Tandoor || Indian Spicy Food Loves You
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Aminia Special Egg Biryani with Handi Mutton & Chicken Tandoor || Indian Spicy Food Loves You.

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  3. Love your dedication for sharing genuine food experiences…. makes the experience more lively,your street food videos, restaurant experiences all are exceptionally good…. Thank you.. Stay safe and have more lovely videos for us..

  4. Arrey ha re…tora normally mutton ba chicken biryani khaash…aajke ki aghoton ghoteche je tora egg biryani khacchish…aar koto baar ek kotha bolbi re

  5. Waiter ask at the time of serving she is child please watch how many quatitity she wants because she is a child.. Waiter thought child take small quantity but waiter not knows reality how much quantity she can takes ?????

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