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  1. O wow….soo nice ..
    Music is food for the soul not only for us but for animals too….love the pianist n all the animals❤️❤️❤️??

  2. What a wonderful song you composed, Thelonious! I love it so very much ?
    Thank you for sharing it with all creatures big, small and everything in between ???.
    Your work is greatly appreciated, my friend ?

  3. Tolle Idee ! 🙂
    Unsere Zoos brauchen derzeit jeder Unterstützung, die sie kriegen können. Schon kleine Spenden helfen ?
    Übrigens: Gibts von diesem Musikstück ne "Langversion" irgendwo ohne klatschenden Seelöwen? ?
    Grüße aus Meck-Pomm

  4. Music sends messages to all life, messages with no words, only vibrations that reach into our hearts, the cells of our bodies, and creates so many changes and responses that we are not entirely aware of them. This is such a lovely example of how strong and universal a way to communicate with all life music is.

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