24 Toppings Buffet – EPIC CURRY NOODLES – Amazing Street Food in Asia!

24 Toppings Buffet -  EPIC CURRY NOODLES - Amazing Street Food in Asia!
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Khanom Jeen (ขนมจีน) – Southern Thailand is known for its Khanom Jeen (ขนมจีน), a type of rice noodles eaten with a variety of different Thai curry on top, and with a host of different toppings and vegetables that you can eat on the side and top of your bowl of curry noodles. It’s extremely popular as a fast and easy Thai street food. Today, we’re in the Phang Nga (พังงา) province of southern Thailand, known for their curry, and I can’t wait to share this epic curry noodles with you. #Thailand #ThaiFood #streetfood

Khanom Jeen Baan Bang Kan (ขนมจีนบ้านบางกัน) – https://goo.gl/maps/d1s8caGLNghHyp9m8 – The first curry noodles restaurant we went to was a little outside of the city of Phang Nga, in a nice relaxing lush area. I had two bowls of curry noodles to get me started khanom jeen gaeng tai pla (ขนมจีนแกงไตปลา) – a curry of fermented fish viscera, and khanom jeen nam ya (ขนมจีนน้ำยา) – a coconut milk based curry. Both were outstanding. The best part of this restaurant was the finely sliced torch ginger that they gave to us as we were eating – that really bumped up the flavor of every bite. Price – 30 THB ($0.92) per bowl

Khanom Jeen Na San Jao (ขนมจีนหน้าศาลเจ้า) – https://goo.gl/maps/iFQsHys3Qo1J2kGY6 – This is the most legendary, most well known khanom jeen restaurant in Phang Nga, and located right in the town. Since it’s so famous I was a little worried it would be over hyped. But I was wrong, it held up to its name, I was truly impressed by the outstanding flavor and spices of their curries, and their insane 24 toppings selection to choose from – all spread out like a buffet across communal tables. Again, I ordered a bowl of Khanom Jeen Nam Ya (ขนมจีนน้ำยา) – a coconut milk based Thai curry, and next a bowl of Khanom Jeen Gaeng Ba (ขนมจีนแกงป่า) – a jungle herbal spicy curry. Again for were exceptional.

If there’s one Thai street food meal to eat when you’re in Phang Nga (พังงา), Thailand, it’s got to be khanom jeen. It’s a favorite meal for many, and these two restaurants will thrill your taste buds.

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  1. You are a very interesting and pleasant man. I thoroughly enjoy your travels, scenery and native foods. The vegetables (which I love) look delicious – save for the onions!

  2. Mark I have decided to be eating when I watch ur video s ,so for today for lunch I'm having beef soup with festival .love ur vibes toward food one love

  3. I live in Minnesota and try to find a good curry meal that includes the spice and flavor……still looking!!! Wish I could travel to other countries to try some of the true, authentic taste of multiple curries.

  4. Hey Mark. I love the way you express yourself and you eat so much food on your table. But I also think with all your earnings do you share with the poor people Who sometimes don’t even have a bowl of rice.? Just wondering.

  5. All veggies in Thailand are similar to my country Indonesia especially my region in West Java, those on the table are very common in my daily meal ?

  6. Sir,we understand the taste of food by Ur head movement.if it is superb u will show a circular movement of Ur head.the movement will be less circular if it is moderate

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