Close Calls – Good Driving Skills or Luck?

Close Calls - Good Driving Skills or Luck?
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Close Calls – Good Driving Skills or Luck? – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Most of these are people with good driving skills because they PAY ATTENTION! Most accidents can be avoided if both drivers are truly paying attention and are aware of all sides at all times. Even if it’s not your fault, knowing how to avoid it and recognizing it way ahead of time saves

  2. It's so crazy that You always drive so good but theres always some idiot that doesn't know how to drive and just do this.

    So Sad

  3. I wish I had a dash cam! I was driving in Canada this weekend and an Audi driver came from the third lane, I was in the second, and cut me off as he was turning turning right and I was going straight. When he turned he was directly to the left side of me and if I did it break in time I would have clipped his rear end and spun him out. WE WERE ON THE HIGHWAY!

  4. Last one drive into a white out but don`t slow down. Most are luck and driving skill some are just plain good luck as driving skill never came into it it was others getting out of their way. Unfortunately IDIOTS will always get behind the wheel of a vehicle on 2 or 4 wheels or more so all i can say is keep alert very alert and always think the other people will make mistakes safe driving all.

  5. 2:48 To be fair, the person in the Audi was speeding which could make it harder for the person in the Prius to judge his distance when turning. Prius' fault though.

  6. Videos like this are usually full of drivers who are claiming to have been wronged, who then go on to do something equally as stupid and dangerous, this was a refreshing change, some really good drivers out there keeping calm heads.

  7. 7:50 The guy driving from our point of view wasn't paying attention at all, he could have braked at least 2-3 seconds earlier.

  8. One thing I learned from this video is that women scream during the maneuver, men scream after avoiding the crash.

  9. Most of these is a daily routine stuff on Indian roads. And I have got so habitual to it, I don't even see what's wrong in that kind of driving. Before I learnt driving, my elders told me " Everyone's an idiot on the road, watch out!".

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