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  1. Keeping granny in prayer..and for all of you also..grannys granddaughter you are doing just great..keep the good work going..??..God bless you all in Jesus name.

  2. God speed your health. We will be here when you return. You have taught your granddaughter very well. Let her shine to show her talant. Maybe she will develope her own talant and we will get to see granny in her. Prayers to the whole family. God bless.

  3. Hi Country Foods, how is Granny now? Please update us about her health condition. Praying for her early recovery. You guys have been doing awesome job. Keep it up.

  4. I'll never leave my mom and dad they're my heart and soul with out them I'm nothing Allah unko tandurusti aur acchi seheth atha farmaye Alhamdulilla she'll be fine

  5. How great to see her taking time to rest and get tender loving care. She is so loved, and respected. I wish we all could visit with her, and bring her some of our foods/beverages to help her feel better, because she's part of our heart's family. Blessings and love to everyone, from the other side of our planet, Florida.

  6. Country foods pl give her the best of comfort and rest…she deserves it all…hope her health and diet will not be sacrificed or ignored.

    May she live long and be happy and healthy….all wishes for granny….love the pure soul in you granny ????

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