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  1. Btw I'm white I'm a trained black belt and train children and this is disripectful I hat that white people can just be so disripectful twords blacks

  2. All I can think about is this girl got beat up by a 13 year old and now the 21 year old everytime she sees her shes gonna move to the other side of the set
    Rear because shes gonna be scared of a 13 year old and dosent want her ass to get beat again

  3. That lil girl brought her 21 year old sister because she was scared to fight someone her age and the 21 got fucked up by a 13 yr old?

  4. ??????????thats said brh how u is fucking 21 years old n u got ur damn ass beat tf up by a damn 13 years old brh damn i feeling so sorry for u brh????

  5. The 21 year old women should not have picked a fight with a minor that is under the age of 18 because its illegal to put hands on a minor and its basicly a demistic assault

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