Horses rescued from Crunchies Animal Rescue Sanctuary are still recovering

Horses rescued from Crunchies Animal Rescue Sanctuary are still recovering
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Six horses rescued from Crunchies Animal Rescue Sanctuary near Abingdon were taken into World Horse Welfare’s care. Please donate to World Horse Welfare today:


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  1. I wonder how many of those horses were surrendered to that "rescue" by good, caring owners who got into a tight spot and tried to do the right thing by their beloved animals by handing them over to someone who they genuinely believed could take better care of them.

  2. WHW is so special.. every time you say even if a horse or pony is adopted, they are still under your care for life, it warms my heart. That's when you know someone truly cares. You take on that responsibility, that no animal that comes to you will ever suffer again, even if someone else takes them. Bless you. There's still hope for humanity.

  3. It’s sad that this country has stricter rules then America it’s sad ? I think this is phenomenal that they will put you in prison for that because that’s how it should be no animal deserves to be abused or human but somehow ppl tend to help the animals and not so much the human children that are in abuse situations it’s sickening what and who ppl are to commit such vile acts towards a animals and human you guys are amazing thank you ? for all you do

  4. Here in the states we have the same problems. People just go into horse ownership without any clue as to the expense and time needed to take care of a horse. Back in 1976 I was given my own painted for my birthday. We bought him from a college student who couldn't afford to take care of him adequately. He was underweight, had skin problems, and had only been half trained. Luckily I had a Great Uncle who had put me on the back of my first horse when I was two years old. He's been raising horses since he was ten, and he was in his 80s then. He was able to advise me, and in just a few years he was a well trained lovely horse that everyone who knew him loved. Just a few years ago, locally here in Florida, this woman had a bunch of horses that she was trying to use as rehabilitation horses for kids with disabilities, but she was not caring for them adequately, and some of the horses were suffering. So the State closed her down. I am glad to know that there are agencies, both here and in the U.K., that take care of horses. They can't talk to us, and scream for help. So it's up to us to help.

  5. I give to animal charities on a monthly basis, RSPCA, PDSA, Blue Cross, Battersea, Dogs Trust, Birmingham Dogs Home, I used to give to Hillside animal sanctuary but stopped because I became concerned about some of their practices its these rouge "charities" that give legitimate hard working charities a bad light, because when one of these rouges is bought to justice they get the full spotlight on them and bad press is always hard to dispel and always over shadows the good hard working angels out there. I always support decent hard working legitimate charities and think we should all give our support and donate no matter how little to them every little helps and a thank you for all you do goes a long way to. Thank You.

  6. Oh, my Lord, the place looks like a garbage dump!! How can people be so neglectful and cruel? I just don't understand how anyone can look at another sentient being, and knowingly allow this to happen on any level. My horses and dogs eat before we do. I'd never let my horses miss even one meal!! May these folks get the maximum penalty in every case that comes before the courts. What a shame to see such cruelties.

  7. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful little untouched mare at an auction and I fell in love and brought her home. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my first child and I had severe health issues and my family was unable to hold her for the farrier and they didn't want me endangering my baby so I ended up calling several rescues before I found someone who would be able to take her but they were happy to and I gave them all of her vet records and I was told she was eventually rehomed with a young girl on a farm that had mostly cattle and she had always wanted a pony. I did try, pregnant and all with the vet sedating her but it wasn't realistic to keep doing that. On the day that she left I was so relieved when she let us halter her and she walked right into the trailer like she had done it a million times before. I relieved for her and for me. I can't sleep if their feet are long and I just was very angry with my dizzy nauseated pregnant self. Her feet were getting long and I was supposed to be on complete bedrest. You don't let it get bad. Sometimes life happens and people really do just need the help because of life circumstances. Many horses that go through our local feed lot auction are from "senior" owners who either no longer felt they could ride or care for their horses or #2 is that the "senior" owner who was tired and ready to retire gave their horses to a "nice" girl who promised to take care of them and keep them together and now they are in the feedlot. Make sure it's a real rescue when you give animals or money. Real rescues are happy to have people volunteer and show what they do. If they wont let you see the place or the animals there is a problem. Fake people claiming to be "rescues" flip horses for profit and they very openly lie about the horse's health and ability. They seriously sell them as "child safe and 100% sound" after the surrendering owner was clear that they had navicular or some other issue. If you are spending that much you should vet check every time w/o exception.
    All someone had to do was make a phone call and so many rescues would have helped before things were unfixable and prevented so much unnecessary pain. You can surrender them for free and they showed up with a stock trailer and we moved our panels to make an easy load chute onto the trailer. They really did most of the heavy lifting and were thankful I called and cared more about the horse than my own pride. No one was mean and they were very understanding of my circumstances and just wanted healthy horses. Even after I had my baby girl how long would it take for me to get out there and take care of that mare? Too long for me to just let her sit in pasture. All of our other horses were very broke so my husband and father were able to take care of their basic needs and hold them for the vet and farrier.

  8. Hope Crunchies is shut down for good! Disgusting place! Very glad for the rescue, you are an amazing place for taking great care of the horses, and I want to say Thank You ?

  9. What a horrible dump of a place! So glad the animals were taken out of there! Great job by everyone!

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