Stretching Baby Buses | Gecko 2D | Learning Videos for Kids

Stretching Baby Buses | Gecko 2D | Learning Videos for Kids
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The baby buses are back from singing their nursery rhymes and are visiting Gecko’s Garage today with Bobby the Bus. They enter the truck wash and get stretched to become bigger buses in this amazing stretching educational video for toddlers.

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Stretching Baby Buses 00:00
Tilly The Tow Truck Rescues Max The Monster Truck 02:39
Sammy The School Bus 08:51
Eric The Excavator’s Theme Park Ride 13:36
Gecko’s Birthday 16:49
Caroline The Crane 22:33
Andy The Animal Ambulance (Doctor Poppy Crossover) 26:05
Cleaning Up The Construction Site 30:24
Celia The Cement Mixer’s Rainbow Playground 32:42
Rebecca The Recycling Truck’s Robot Arm Upgrade 37:08
Rick The Road Roller’s Broken Cylinder 40:42
Larry The Lorry 44:55
Maggie The Mini Fire Truck 47:00
Blue Mechanical Turns Bad! 50:44
Helen The Helicopter 58:23
Dylan The Dump Truck 01:02:48
Florence The Forklift Truck 01:07:51
Ryan The Wrecking Ball Crane 01:13:05
Celia The Cement Mixer 01:16:46
George The Giant Dump Truck 01:21:11


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