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  1. Make it a requirement to learn about those trucks mobility for everyone!!!….I don't care if you trying to get a motorcycle license… Everyone with a license to drive anything on the highways needs to take the course.

  2. Newsroom, this is the worst coverage of a vehicle collision that i have ever seen! 👎🏻👎🏻 You did a horrible job showing the catastrophe. I could have done a much better job editing the video of the big rig accident

  3. My wife just sent me this. I was home in McKinney, dallas Texas when this happened. I'm an owner operator myself, on the road as we speak. Seeing this happened and especially on hwy 75 were people drive like if they were in a race track. Feel terrible for this driver. Never know what's gonna happen. Alot of 4 wheelers don't understand that these trucks weigh 80,000lbs or more depending on permit load, cannot stop on a dime or swerve like them. Breaks my heart seeing this.

  4. This is why my company teaches safety and each of my drivers have safety reviews quarterly. This driver was either sleepy or driving to fast. As a trucker you have to watch out for other peoples stupidity. Always travel 5 miles slower then the traffic around you in a semi.

  5. So there's no information on this video about whether or not the driver fell asleep or if it was medical condition or if it was just some a**** who tried to merge lanes and jolted at the truck so he instinctively pulled the truck to the right and was ran off the road. The point of this video was just to tell people that someone died? And you wonder why the news just doesn't get as much intention as it used to. You guys are f**** depressing.

  6. My husband drives for this company. I worry every time he leaves if I will see him again. So sorry for this family. God please bring peace to them at this horrible time.

  7. Aww how convenient the driver in the car is not hurt. The problem is folks need to learn how to drive. Truckers by giving up you give in maintain your lane car wants to drive into you let them. Solution have a dash cam to show the stupid it all goes to your phone.

  8. Looks like it was a head on and the big wheels of the truck went up the sloping front of the car and hit it like a ramp which shot it over the edge barrier.

  9. That's why I decided to take a break or give it up the money is not worth it all I saw was death out there on the road every night naive people's always in a hurry end up killing themselves or someone else sure it's an easy job when I'm not putting up with idiots out there our idiots running into you that's a terrible way to go rest in peace truck driver

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