Chatpata Spicy Aloo Kabli @ 10 rs Only | Very Popular Street Food in School Time

Chatpata Spicy Aloo Kabli @ 10 rs Only | Very Popular Street Food in School Time
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Chatpata Spicy Aloo Kabli @ 10 rs Only | Very Popular Street Food in School Time.

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  1. He should wear gloves…. We should not defend lack of hyiegene… When ladies of the house cook, first of all they are way cleaner than this man, secondly, we are used to their micro flora since our childhood…. There is no comparison…. Also if he wears gloves, he will be able to sell,even hyiegene conscious people will buy his product and that means all the more profit?

  2. กูชอบพี่เซฮุนกะพี่ยูยอนซอกเนยไม่ใช่พี่สาวนะคะ

  3. อีไพรำน่าหีดอกทองช้างเย็ดสวยตายล่ะตรงไหนดำก้อดำน่าแก่อีก

  4. It ok to use your hand when u eating by yourself but when u sell for someone please wear gloves cause what if his went to the bathroom and pee but forget to wash his hand come on

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