Thai Food – 1.5 YEARS WAITING LIST! (Hardest Reservations in Thailand)

Thai Food - 1.5 YEARS WAITING LIST! (Hardest Reservations in Thailand)
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Ruen Jarung (เรือนจรุง) also known as the Ayutthaya Real Chillin’ House, is the hardest to book restaurant in Thailand, and has one of the longest waiting lists of any restaurants. Last year when they opened up bookings, they sold out for an entire year in 8 seconds. I had heard a lot about it, and I wasn’t just interested in trying the food, but seeing the location and atmosphere and finding out just why Ruen Jarung (เรือนจรุง) is in such high demand for Thais. #ThaiFood #Thailand #Food

Thanks to my friend P’Tan ( for inviting me to eat at Ruen Jarung (เรือนจรุง) for lunch one day, and since P’Tan had eaten there a few times, he chose a menu of only his favorite Thai food dishes that they serve – only the best dishes.

Ruen Jarung (เรือนจรุง) serves home-style Thai food, dishes people remember from childhood. Most of the dishes are pretty common, but some are more creative, and presented on big communal plates and platters so they really stand out. I found most of the Thai dishes to be delicious, well flavored and very comforting. Not many of the dishes were really stand out, but they were all just solidly good. Another reason I think so many people love Ruen Jarung (เรือนจรุง) for the atmosphere, communal food, and having a chance to spend time with friends and family. Also, it’s the type of restaurant that brings back great memories.

Here are all the Thai dishes we ordered, that I had a chance to try:

Shrimp paste chili dip (น้ำพริกกะปิ)
Stink beans with shrimp (กุ้งผัดสะตอ)
Sour curry bamboo shoots (แกงส้มหน่อไม้)
Winged bean salad (ยำถั่วพลู)
Roasted river shrimp (กุ้งเผา)
Dried fried pork (หมูแดดเดียว)
Dried fried beef (เนื้อแดดเดียว)
Beef soup (ต้มแซ่บเนื้อ)
Fried squid (หมึกทอด)
Bengal currant dessert (มะม่วงหาวมะนาวโห่)
Snail curry, climbing wattle (แกงคั่วหอยขม)
Fried pork belly (หมูกรอบ)
Congee (ข้าวต้มเรือโป๊ะ)

There were actually even a few more dishes, that I didn’t even have a chance to try, we had 26 different dishes.

Overall, I thought the food was fantastic, especially since P’Tan chose the best of the Thai dishes that they make. The atmosphere was great, but really the best part of eating at Ruen Jarung (เรือนจรุง) was hanging out with friends.

Total price came to about 2,000 Thai Baht ($65.17) per person

Thank you again to P’Tan ( for the invitation.


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  2. That is just amazing
    The head butter looked so delicious. I want to visit Thailand so bad! You guys make me want to go even more so.

    FYI: your Thailand videos are on a constant loop at our local Thai restuarant. ?❤

  3. What I've found is the "Thai" restaurants are NOT consistent, one day it will be good and the next just terrible! I have been here for 12 years

  4. 1.5 years waiting list? HA! Still waiting for Packers season tickets – 20 years and counting. Those stadium brats and beers are gonna taste so good when I finally get my seats there!

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