Rescued Disabled Dog Now Fully Enjoying Her Life

Rescued Disabled Dog Now Fully Enjoying Her Life
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  1. Несчастные животные,непонятные манипуляции,странные ситуации!! садизмом искусственным попахивает!!

  2. How can you stand it!

    She's so cute? I would have eaten her up by now!?

    Edit: now that I finished watching the whole video … the drag bag is genius, who made those?

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  4. Parabéns vcs são anjos para esses animais .E tem que denuncia esses vagabundo que judeam abandonam os bichinhos chega de vê o sofrimento desses animais

  5. You are a wonderful person i love you for loving the dogs. You can even feel your love for them just by watching the video. God Bless you and your family and also all those wonderful people that help you. May God Be With You All…?❤

  6. Humans have a lot to learn from these babies. This baby has a broken back with no feeling in it's legs, but a simple rub under the chin makes this baby come alive. If this isn't motivational, I don't know what is.

  7. These people are God almighty soldiers…may Lord Jesus Christ continues to bless and provide for them. Thank you the kindness of these people…wonderful people.

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