Failed loading and unloading of heavy equipment. Falling from a trailer of heavy equipment.

Failed loading and unloading of heavy equipment. Falling from a trailer of heavy equipment.
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Failed loading and unloading of heavy equipment. Falling from a trailer of heavy equipment.(Tractor, excavator, tank, bulldozer) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. The reason why they couldn't get these machines up on these flatbeds is because they're not speaking English so the drivers obviously don't understand a word in that senseless babble they profuse…

  2. BTW – there's nothing funny about an armored vehicle rollover. Unless each member of the crew reacts exactly as trained – people can (and do) die.

  3. Don't any of them know the trick for loading tracked vehicles on a flatbed truck? (Besides using a flatbed that was designed for moving tracked vehicles in the first place.)

    You get the strongest winch you can find and mount it centered as far forward on the flatbed as you can. Then you get real anal about centering the tracked vehicle behind the truck. Run the cable from the winch to the tow points (Using a block and tackle to center the cable between the tow points). And always find an embankment or berm so you're not driving up a ramp.

    Then you use the winch to pull the tracked vehicle onto the truck the driver of the tracked vehicle does not touch the steering controls and focuses on giving the least amount of power possible to keep the vehicle moving. This way the force from the winch cable pulling the tracked vehicle keeps it centered.

    And if you are loading earth-moving equipment and didn't bother to make to make a raised dirt platform so your equipment is level with the flatbed – you're a moron.

    And if you don't want the thing to slide off the side of the flatbed during transport – look up the specifications on your chains and do the math to see how many you need. Then use twice as many chains as your calculations came up with.

  4. нафига в каждом ролике в середине толкать эту беспонтовую музыку !? вообще не в тему и нахер не нужна она!

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