kid dies after falling off water slide..

kid dies after falling off water slide..
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A compilation of insane water slide fails including a kid who dies after falling off a water slide, a kid who fell of a water slide and a kid who missed the pool and lands on..


Video inspired by AliRezaTIME.


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  1. Watching this makes me frustrated, some of the ride workers.. unbeliever and the idiots that decide to get all rashed and bruised and perhaps even broken for landing into a pool with no water but hard. Concrete. And finally this is why I dont even go to splish splash man, those collisions?! Uh I smell a lawsuit cooking up yum

  2. Why'd he say omg about the vortex at the wilderness its cause she didn't weigh enough to make it over theres an exit if you don't make it I've rode it 100 times

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