Mombasa Street Food Tour in Kenya!!! (COMPLETE DISASTER)

Mombasa Street Food Tour in Kenya!!! (COMPLETE DISASTER)
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Thanks to Wendy Watta (@wattaonthego) for showing us the best Nairobi Street Food!

Thanks to Holiday Destination Safaris for helping us to navigate our way around Kenya:

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ADDRESS: Mtwapa, Kenya

?? CASSAVA: Deep fry cassava with ground chilli. Serve with fresh lemon and stingray.

?PRICE: 0.30 USD/30 KSH per piece
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ADDRESS: Mtwapa, Kenya

? UMA: Season fresh mackerel and then deep fry until golden brown.
?? UGALI : Bring water to a boil, add corn flour bit by bit and stir regularly. Stir until mixture is even.

? MAHAMRI: Knead the flour, sugar, cardamom, coconut powder, warm milk and yeast mixture to form a smooth dough. Leave to raise. Divide into balls and deep fry until golden brown.

☕ Black Tea: Mix together hot water, tea leaves and sugar.

?PRICE: Uma 0.40 USD/40 KSH per slice | Ugali 0.30 USD/30 KSH | Chapati 0.099 USD/10 KSH | Rice 0.50 USD/50 KSH | Black tea 0.099 USD/10 KSH | Beans with Coconut Milk 0.30 USD/30 KSH
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ADDRESS: Mombasa, Kenya
OPEN: 8:00AM – N/A

? Tilapia: Season medium sized tilapia and deep fry until brown.

?PRICE: 3.96 USD/400 KSH
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4. MARIKITI MARKET: Swahili Pizza
ADDRESS: Mombasa, Kenya
OPEN: 8:00AM – N/A

Swahili Pizza: Make dough from wheat flour and water. To make the filling, mix together with finely minced beef, onions, one egg and spices like turmeric.

?PRICE: 1.48 USD/150 KSH
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4. JOMO KENYATTA PUBLIC BEACH: Grilled Seafood + Mayai Pasua
ADDRESS: Mombasa, Kenya
OPEN: 8:00AM – N/A

? GRILLED SEAFOOD: Season and grill lobster and kingfish

? PASUA: Boil eggs. Make Kachumbari (salsa) with tomatoes, eggs, lime juice and herbs. Spit the egg and top with kachumbari.

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  2. Sonny: you cant pull out any parts of the fish head and Call it a Brain
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  3. What happened to viazi Karzai, kebabu, mishakiki, bajia,bahia, pilati, biryani, choma, samosa, lulu wa kupaka, various drinks etc

  4. Sad that there was an opportunity to sell/market Kenya as a destination but failed to make an impression. Please, next time the person with the privilege to be a guide on the tour (especially Kenya) ought to have in place a selected individual who is serious and willing to do the videos so as to give a good impression to promote their culture, business, country. This is not how Kenya is in general. Kenyans have great personalities that disappear in front of a camera due to being shy. Kenyans also have 42 different tribes with very diverse foods and culture. You would get better experience if you have an experienced guide or have one of the tour companies that can hook you up real good. There should be a redo with better on the beach cook out. The girl is good but her beach hook up was a total let down. I understand the need for spontaneity but that should also be based on prior experience the guide has to ascertain that it will work

  5. Terrible review of Mombasa. Wendy why dint you go to old down and have the street food along fort Jesus and light house. No show on shawarma and mshikaki, barbecued chicken n Nan?????? No kachiri or roasted sweet potato n maize with chili. No samaki WA kupaka no taste of mabuyu and achari

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