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Anneka meets a pack of wolves at the most Northerly wildlife reserve in Norway – Polar Park. She is accepted into the pack and howls alongside them. Norway only has around 100 wolves left in the whole country and they are regularly culled. Anneka hopes to show that these beautiful and majestic animals are misunderstood, mislabelled and deserve protection and the freedom to repopulate areas they once thrived.

Norway is a huge remote wilderness, but despite the mountains and wild terrain, they Government only allows around 100 wolves to exist at any one time. The wolves are culled annually to keep the numbers low. This is genetically very unhealthy, so with proper flock guardians, it would be great to see the wolf return to the north of the country like in days of old. Polar Park’s new Predator Programme hopes to encourage farmers to be more tolerant of this age old predator and use responsible means to allow both their livestock and the wolves to exist.

Thankyou to Ramona and Stig of Polar Park

Wolf Lodge:

Wolf Lodge – Polar Park, Northern Norway

Presented By Anneka Svenska
Filmed by Dominic Houghton
Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

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  1. Please if you love wolves! Reach out to the current Trump administration, your representative, wildlife Services, asking them to NOT de-list them from the endangered species act ( ESA). If they remove them from this protection they will be once again hunted to the fringe of extinction. EVERY VOICE counts truly you make a difference. This is not and should not be a political issue. The science doesn’t back up the removal. They currently live in only 10% of there natural habitat in the U.S. Thank you for caring for those who are defenseless.

  2. Wolfs returned in the Netherlands , Veluwe (eastside) they hunt natural prey, so not sheeps. But also here you have people pro and people( farmers ofcourse) against them. What an stunning video with Anekka and the Norwegian pack. I will be visiting Norway this summer, hope to see them. 🙂

  3. I live in Africa. I've seen lions, elephants, hyenas, hippos and cheetars. I see a zebra every day. It would be a dream to see wolves up close ❤️

  4. I have a weakness for dogs and wolves, I tried not to die of cuteness overload. They're big floofs. (Almost as big as me, if you include their tail).

  5. I think we are already at the point where by even growing tree we would be giving a huge favor to the coming generations! let alone managing animals from going all out extinct! ???

  6. They are so adorable.

    I love wolves. I think they are one of the most majestic, most beautiful, most enigmatic creatures ever to exist.

  7. Human is the only rational being on earth so as humans, we should be more responsible about the world we are living in and make sure we are taking good care of the earth and all the life living in it.

  8. You shouldnt treat lower rank this Way , they will even mire bully him. They would have respect the fact you greet them all the same as they feel you as someone special

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