INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE 2018 – Idiot Drivers vs Police #63

INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE 2018 - Idiot Drivers vs Police #63
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INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE 2018 – Idiot Drivers vs Police #63 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Kinda reckless of the cop to do a pit on a residential street at that speed. He could easily go half way into someone house.

  2. That last video, once deadly force was authorized a couple rounds through the engine block would have ended it. Yes a .45 cal will penetrate the fender, inner fender and engine block.

  3. For God's sake HIT THE TRUCK.!! NOT THE would think after destroying 2 cars you would have figured that out by now but nope keep on ramming it who cares just hard working taxpayers going to foot that Bill…so guess that makes it okay.

  4. Obviously I know being a cop is really dangerous and is something the vast majority of people can't handle, but it must be fun as hell to get into a pursuit, drive at speeds well above 100mph, ripping through the streets late at night so there's people and being able to do the pit maneuver to stop a dirtbag.

  5. честно сказать я был бы рад чтобы у нас такая же полиция была
    три месяца жил в штатах и два раза видел погоню…это что-то с чем то,бьют на таран..пытается сбежать – могут машиной вдарить так,что перелом ног обеспечен
    при мне так вообще Джип полицейского просто на таран в бочину вдарил нарушителю
    единственное что…Ты слышишь серену ,но не знаешь где она – плевать всё равно прижимаешься к обочине

  6. Tennessee is fucking retarded when it comes to policing apparently… that video at the end was the most wreckless, counterproductive and dangerous shit show ive seen in a while, a GOOD while, last time i saw something that fucked up was atleast 2 years ago in Jersey….

  7. had to pause to take a speed reading course to read the warning at the beginning without pausing it…now we may continue

  8. The last one, the cops were trying to PIT the back of the trailer when they should have known to PIT at the hitch if they wanted to spin the truck…then they opened fire for good measure. A bush league police force!

  9. Cops are retarded… why can't any cop figure out how to drive? Cop in front of bad guy…. then STOP… easy. Option 2, shoot engine… duh

  10. Take him out any means necessary, use deadly force!!!
    Use your shotgun!!!
    That's why you don't run from the police!!! It's not worth your life!!!!
    Some police need a refresher on how to perform the pit maneuver!!

  11. These people are driving a deadly weapon ,why do they not just shoot them WHY should innocent people die so these asses can speed along at will.

  12. Running away on a pickup with the trailer full of rubbish? WTF?!
    It's like running 100 meters holding the suitcase in your hands)))

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