10k Subs!?!? Feeding The Animals, Playing Guitar, Schoolwork | Vlog 6/30/17

10k Subs!?!? Feeding The Animals, Playing Guitar, Schoolwork | Vlog 6/30/17
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Thank y’all so much for 10k subscribers!! I love y’all so much! ♥
I hope y’all enjoyed today’s vlog!

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Love you guys! ♥
xoxo Hannah ♥


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  1. Love the video! I am going to change the way we do all the chores because your way is a lot better! I don't have a horse, but I'm still trying!

  2. Hii!! So you said in your video that you take winter and fall off instead of summer. Is that because of health issues or does it give you better flexibility? (If you don't mind me asking) I was homeschooled this year and we are moving to a farm house with 80 acres and getting a few horses. I'm still trying to decode weather or not I'm going to be homeschooled or not. Is it easier to care for the horses or you have winter and fall off? Do you have to take EOG's at the end of the year? In my state we have to take EOG's every year but I don't know how that would work if you were on a different schedule than the online school.

  3. Hi Hannah! I just wanted to tell you that i recently got my first horse and i am SOOOO excited! You have taught me all that I know now about horses. You have been such a big help! Thank you… and congrats on 10k subscribers!!!!!

  4. You deserve every single subscriber!!!! <3 I had a Rhode Island Red Rooster, Bubbles, and he was so aggressive toward people other than me.  Come to find out, Rhode Islands are pretty aggressive roosters, and are used for fighting. I guess it's just their nature. But about two or three months ago I found him mysteriously dead in the coop. I was so bummed, I loved that rooster! Maybe for future video ideas, you can do some DIY's? Love you!!!

  5. I always get soooooo excited when you upload! All of your animals are so gorgeous! Also, congrats on 10k, that's awesome. I do school year-round, because my family is just so busy, can't get it all done. Your guitar playing is really coming along! Do you take lessons, or are you teaching yourself? Great video!

  6. I can't believe you have 10k subs now!!! That's crazy, and awesome! Do you think you'll do a giveaway for getting 10k subs? If so, I'll try to enter! Thanks for the great video! (Btw, you're really good at guitar, my brother's learning too.)

  7. If you don't mind me asking, do you take guitar lessons or some sort of online class for your guitar? You are amazing for only being at it for a short amount of time! I have been wanting to get into it for a pretty long time but have never had the motivation!

  8. Also ur Super cool! I've got three baby's. a two year old a three year old and a ten year old. love my horses! I'm homeschool too, and my horses live right on my ranch!

  9. Congrats on 10k subs i was here in your last year and it was 9,999 and i said in the comments Get Hannah 10k subs 🙂 it must feel great to have that many people supporting u:-) btw great vid as always i love the ducks little play area thing:-) great idea!!!!

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