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HIT and RUN CAUGHT on CAMERA and INSTANT JUSTICE 2017 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. we almost lived one of these, we were on i-695 and a pt cruiser cuts us off and slams on his brakes, so as usual, we gave him the triple bird (me my mom and my friend in the car) and he decided it would be a good idea to try to run us off the road, he got us in the grass but we werent to damaged, and he took off but once he realized he wouldnt be able to get away and we had his plate number he stopped

  2. Just a quick note:

    If you guys had your car rammed by a guy and the guy runs away, the guy might be in an emergency. Just try to memorize the plate and go to a police station. Invest in a dashcam

  3. It’s funny because that one guy is on with 911 about all the illegal things this woman is doing and he’s doing the exact same thing. He got her license plate he didn’t have to do any more.

  4. I see a few people saying just take the plates and sent it to the police. You do realize that they need proof of who is driving. Also it could be a stolen car. If someone hits me i can catch up and beat their ass

  5. 4:24 He didn't run the other truck off the road! Another truck hit him in the back which caused him to swerve over. The cam driver should have seen what was happening way before that truck went into his lane!

  6. And my cars are normally junk anyways so if someone hits me I have other s*** to do then trade insurance most likely don't have time for that s*** if I'm responsible for the accident I'll stay if I'm not responsible and I don't give a crap about the car I'm just going to f**** leave straight up

  7. The person that got hit with the van that was their fault and the van had no obligation to stop they had the right-of-way they were going they didn't hit the person with the front of the van that person walked right into a moving vehicle on the side if someone does that to me I ain't stopping to waste an hour of my time

  8. This isn't even instant karma… this is a bunch of collisions with a good chunk of them getting away with it. Click bait much

  9. Almost all of these could have been avoided if these fuckin morons were defensive drivers and actually check their mirror and surroundings while driving instead of just looking straight the whole time like a dumbass

  10. Be careful driving behind someone who just side swiped you or anything like that. If they brake check you and you hit them, you’ll be at fault.

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