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  1. If this is Liver then what the hell is a Potta? Cuz this is Potta I always believed. And the blackish soft thing is Liver right?

  2. Everyone is asking where is grandma but you guys are so impossible, we want you show us a glance of her but now we understood. From now I m going to unsubscribe this channel.

  3. Welcome Very nice day for the first time in a while now Street Foods Very Nice Morning India Kuch Kuch Kuch Hotahai ☺☺☺?????????✋✋✋?????☝☝☝✌✌✌❤❤❤

  4. Mastanama is the reason i started watching the videos so the least you could do is please tell us the updates on her, as we watchers want to know.

  5. can u guys tell us in real how is grand maa n where is c?? is c alive or wat. v r concerned. try to understand . dnt play vd our emotions by keeping us in dark . v r not fools .

  6. This is Grandma Chanell ! If You don`t Tell Us any news about Her … Unsubscribe ! She was so warm and shining person ! You …only cooking ! So Sorry for my language . Anyway – best wishes from Poland !

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