CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera TOP 10

CRAZIEST Animal Fights   Caught On Camera  TOP 10
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Craziest Animal fights caught on camera. Top 10 list of animals caught on camera.

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From ferocious felines to colossal crocodiles, predator vs predator, prey vs prey, these are the 10 craziest animal fights caught on camera.

10 Jaguar vs Crocodile
In our opening salvo it’s a match up between a jaguar and a crocodile.
A beautiful jaguar patiently watches the river water and upon seeing an opening takes action and leaps into the water headfirst. A questionable move because there’s nothing more dangerous than a crocodile in shallow water or near the shoreline.
But moments later the jaguar appears out of the water with the crocodile head clenched between its jaws.
Amazingly, the jaguar then carries the jaguar up the steep bank and disappears into the brush to enjoy its dinner in meal in quiet.
As they say, the universe rewards those who take action

09 giant Anaconda vs Crocodile
Next up on our list of most amazing animal fights is Giant Anaconda vs Crocodile. we have an anaconda minding his own business just slowly wading down the river when much to his surprise, that swimming piece of wood was in fact a massive crocodile.
The battle is short primarily because the crocodile struck at just ther right place, the anaconda’s neck and head.
One screw up and that crazy croc could have ended up like this guy.

08 Buffalo vs Lions
Up next Buffalo vs lions. Our scene opens up with a herd of buffalo minding their own business. Unbeknownst to them, we have a few sneaky cats doing their best to blend in with their surroundings. It works for awhile when the leader of the herd stops and realizes what’s going on.
The jig is up and the lions move in for an all you can eat buffalo burger buffet.
One of the buffalo makes the mistake of heading into the water where the lions quickly gang up on the poor creature.
While attempting to enjoy their meal, the herd decides to band together and scare the pride off if for no other reason than to ensure that their fallen comrade gets a decent burial rather than be an appetizer.
In the end the buffalo win and scare off the lions.

07 Giraffe vs Lion
Up next we have a giraffe vs a lioness. The lioness springs into action and attempts to take Geoffrey from Toys R Us down, but ol’ Geoffrey has other plans. Using those long legs for something other than just modeling, the giraffe sends the lioness tumbling and to add insult to injury gives her a good ol’ head stomping in the process.

06 Mongoose vs Cobra
In this video of a mongoose vs a Cobra, we see a mongoose chasing the king of the snakes down into the middle of the street and laying a riki tiki tavi smackdown on it.
As you can see due to its agility, thick coat it takes the snake down with ease. The mongoose gets bonus points for being immune to snake venom.

05 Lion vs Hyena
In our next video of crazy animal fights caught on camera, we have lion vs hyena. Lions and hyenas are natural enemies because they fight over the same ground and same food source.
While Lions look regal, hyenas look a bit sketchy kind of like that guy muttering to himself on the corner that you avoid eye contact with.

04 Shark vs Octopus
In our next match-up, We have Shark vs Octopus.
This one just happened to occur in an aquarium in front of a number of terrified onlookers. Time to teach those kids about the circle of life right?
Our contestant in the red corner is a giant pacific octopous, our contestant in the blue corner is a spiny dogfish shark.

03 Snake vs Eagle
We’re getting closer to number one on our list of most amazing animal fights caught on camera.
In our next crazy animal fight nature pit together air vs ground in this video of an eagle vs a snake.

02J aguar vs Crocodile
Its a rematch in this video with another jaguar and crocodile going at it. This frisky feline didn’t walk up and start screaming come at me bro, but instead took the stealthy route of crossing the river downstream and then sneaking up to a bank just opposite the sand bar that the crocodile was getting some sun.

01 Tiger vs Lion
And here we are at the main event, its two of the biggest cats on earth somehow finding themselves in the same area.
Tigers and lions do not exist anywhere together on earth so I’m not sure why they are here together in this video.

A lion has a bite strength of about 691 pounds per square inch a tiger a whopping 950 pounds per square inch. With that information alone you would think the tiger would win.


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