Pork recipe – used entire Pork leg – Country Foods

Pork recipe - used entire Pork leg - Country Foods
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This video is to show how the recipe is prepared and not to hurt the feelings of the individuals. Thanks for understanding.

Pork recipe – Fried Pork – Country Foods


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  1. it's my favourite n it's our culturel food too. pork is very important to our every festival and events and so happy to see that you gyas also cooked it's well and tasty 🐖🐖🐖🐖.

  2. Granny got foreign subscribers more than Indian subby😘 it shows people from different countries love Indian recipes😘

  3. I don't know why muslims watch how to cook pork leg 😂 even there self claimed prophet the pagan muhammed don't know why pagan God Allah created porky boy😂😂😂😂I think they love watching porky boy ,muhammeds fav pet..

  4. She is a Muslim, I think. Mastan-amma is a Muslim name. And that's a delicious recipe (although I don't eat anything apart from Chicken)

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