Idiot Drivers – Road Rage and Car Fails 2018 November #883

Idiot Drivers - Road Rage and Car Fails 2018 November #883
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Idiot Drivers – Road Rage and Car Fails 2018 November #883 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Let's see how many traffic jam accidents we can have this year oh it will be fun to watch. all you vultures are waiting to see the blood on the roads. remember everyone drive recklessly woooo hooooooooooo party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They can obviously see most times when someone cuts out in front of them, yet no one ever seems to slow down, or put their brakes on. They just continue to drive!

  3. I can understand China having bad drivers, since they recently got off their rickshaws and scooters.
    Did Russia recently put away their dog sleds?
    Seems many see an accident, and just keep driving away.

  4. That Chinaman about 9 minute mark, I completely lost my shit. BRAVO! Probably dead? Still brilliant and funny, if he did die he died a legend. On YouTube at least.

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