Bad Driving Skills and Road Rage Compilation 2018 #717

Bad Driving Skills and Road Rage Compilation 2018 #717
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Bad Driving Skills and Road Rage Compilation 2018 #717 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. So many WTF moments in this one. The guy who was shot 3 times at close range, still alive to go after the guy with the gun? Must be a different kind of gun than they have here.
    And that last one. Dump truck smash-a-thon. Because NOT ONE SINGLE ONE of them would let anyone else go ahead of them? Or was it actually some sort of competition? AUGH. I wanna KNOW.

  2. 3:09. HOLY SHIT did not see that coming. WTF did he have a fucking baby pistol or is that dude like superman or something. He brought a BAT to a GUN FIGHT & WON. What the hell

  3. You know what i do when i stop at a red light… I stop with about a car length of room in front of me, so if the guy behind me isn't stopping in time, i have maneuverability.

    Then if you get used to stopping at the last minute because you have good brakes; then you will definitely hit something in the snow. Speed doesn't matter when the light is red, slow down sooner and everyone has more time to react.

  4. Guy at 2:50 holy crap – he gets shot at three times then drives one car length ahead stops, fishes a lump of something outta his boot and goes after the shooter … That last one is like dump truck central !!!

  5. Why don’t any of these people shriek at either the impending impact or actual impact? Some do but most don’t. I do and I’m only watching it on video ??‍♀️

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