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  1. Grizzley – 35mph Gorrila 25mph, bite force is about the same but Grizzley uses bite consistantly while Gorillas grapple. Weight- Grizzly ≈ 800 lbs., Gorilla ≈ 300-485 lbs, Even if the gorrila is "smarter" the bears predator killer instincts will aim to kill while Gorillas are not as much.Another major factor is how loose the animals skin is. Take the Honey Badger for example. It's is a fearless monster because it can manuever and still attack at any angle even when a tiger has it in its jaws, and it still will take minimal injury unless the jaws connect onto the bones. Grizzley have a major advantage from that alone.

  2. If the grizzly bear has its claws available that is going to be devastating to the gorilla. The gorilla won't have any real defense against that.

  3. I think it's going to come more down to who's hide is stronger and takes less damage with the teeth, and I think the grizzlies Claws although they're dull from digging in dirt will work just as well as the Gorillaz opposable thumb for holding, my money's on the grizzly, but I don't have much money😂

  4. I would love to see a Gorilla and Grizzly go at it. Raw power… grizzly. Intelligence… gorilla. Gorillas, in some places, are in the same territory as lions… I think they hold their own… Might not be able to win one on one with a lion or grizzly. I think a more fun battle would be lion vs. grizzly. Two apex predators. Or better yet, tiger vs grizzly.

  5. The fact that this guy thinks an ape Can beat a grizzly Tells me how little he knows about animals… A huge silver back is about 500 pounds usually closer to 4.. A small boar grizzly Is about six hundred pounds. And I just saw some 1100 pound plus brown bear in alaska. A silverback may get in a couple fights in his life.. A grizzly bear lives with fighting daily almost.. A grizzly has four inch claws that will cut through metal… A grizzly has a bite that can bite through a bowling ball or cast iron pan… Are you f**** kidding me? A gorilla is going to beat a grizzly? 😂😂😂 That's not going to happen on the grizzlies worst day or the gorillas best… come on man really? That gorilla is going to rip-off The arms of the grizzly that is twice to 3 times its size and strength… Also grizzly having maybe A hundred times more fighting experience… I would debate this guy, but I would probably embarrass him on this one…

  6. “The golden compass movie “ is good example of how strong they are and how their strength can be utilized lol. their amazing Animals.”Tarzan live action shows gorillas power.

  7. Grizzlies and brown bears are the same species. Location and diet are the difference. The abundance of food (salmon) makes the difference in the size. The grizzly is the more aggressive of the 2. A silver back wouldn't stand a chance.

  8. Just a guess but the SB fight IQ is what wins 9 out of 10 times. Extremely intelligent, incredibly agile would keep it out of harms way and defeat the bear by not putting itself in vulnerable positions.

  9. A grizzly bear would destroy a gorilla IMHO. As strong as a gorilla is it does not use it's strength or huge teeth to fight and kill other formidable dangerous animals in the wild, it does not possess the kind of ferocity it would need to use to stand up to a creature like a grizzly bear, it would not be able to cope with it, I don't think it would even try where as a Grizzly is use to attacking and killing huge dangerous animals like moose etc… and killing them routinely.

  10. a full grown grizzly will have 4x strength and probably 2 the speed of a silver back…i'm not sure if a silverback can take down a moose easily a grizzly can….in neck deep water…

  11. Dudes never seen a bear or hes simply dumb if he thinks a gorilla stands a chance. He just doesnt know which is fine.

    Full grown brown bears and kodiak bears are stronger than gorillas Polar bears. Don't get me started.. polar bears true apex land predator after us. And they're carnivorous. They'd easily be eating the gorilla alive while its pinned down, struggling to push 1500lbs of polar bear off of it.

    People underestimate how viciously srong bears are

  12. The Grizzlies fight every day for survival. The kill animals twice their size and dont lose. Apex predator is at the top of the food chain. The Silverback has power but his skillset is very limited.

  13. Idk if a gorilla is smart enough to use surroundings objects in combat. A gorilla with a 100lb rock in its hands would do some real damage considering the gorilla could swing it fast

  14. My dad had a cat named 'Clueless Morgan', as the kitten was given to him by the puppeteer who controlled the muppet charecter Clueless.
    That cat was a freakin monster, 20lb + half feral, and looked like a Scottish wildcat. He lived in a wood on a country estate and that cat was a killer.
    Regularly brought back rabbits, squirrels, stoats, a polecat and even a fox. But at home the soppiest gentle giant around. I've never seen anything like him outside of a zoo.
    RIP Clueless Morgan

  15. The silverback couldn’t penetrate a grizzly’s fur. Grizzlies are killing machines. I don’t think the silverback would fight as it’s probably the smarter animal. Flight would be its best option. Even then a Grizz has tremendous endurance and can even climb trees.

  16. I have 6 cats and the scariest one I’ve ever had was a 16 lb Garfield looking huge gray cat he killed another cat in a fight but died by infection

  17. Not takin anything away from a bear at all but when it comes to how strong a silverback is I heard one time they believe one could easily bench 2,000 lbs.

  18. Jaguars have killed gorillas in the wild so I’m pretty sure a grizzly would win. Gorillas have very little hair compared to grizzly which offers a ton of protection . Grizzly’s can take a ton of punishment because of it. Gorillas cannot . So I think the bear has it

  19. Anybody thinking a silverback stand a chance need to stop watching King kong and start living in the real world.
    And if you still think a gorilla can reap appart a bear… just know that leopards hunt gorillas. Now imagine what a mf grizzli would do to a silverback

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