Injured Lion call for help and What happen next – Animal Fighting

Injured Lion call for help and What happen next - Animal Fighting
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In this video, Injured Lion call for help and What happens next. That can happen fairly often in the wild. It’s a kill or be killed, eat or be eaten world for them, and they act accordingly! It can seem cruel, but it’s Mother Nature’s way of controlling the population of her species.
Many lions will fight another pride over territory, they can become injured and if the injuries are severe, they cannot hunt and they will starve and die.


Lion injured by buffalo

The African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) is a large sub-Saharan African bovine. In the animal world we often witness epic battles and, that between lions and buffaloes, is certainly one of the most exciting.
But buffalo hunting is not so simple for lions; the buffalo, in fact, has an impressive size and its large curved horns inspire a certain fear, the force that it emanates when attacking is incredible, moreover it is a very brave animal.
the buffalo has a huge power and could carry the lions on the back until it reaches the herd and gets to safety.
The trauma after hunting can damage the lion’s nerve. leading to pain. this scene was recorded from Pilanesberg national park in south Africa.

Lion injured by zebra Kick

The cub was kicked once, breaking his pelvis, as he found himself in the middle of the conflict surrounded by the fleeing herd. he’s dragging his small half-dead body and is unable to conceal his misery from his mother and his uncomfortable brother. The poor lion was tied up in a barn, forced to take pictures with tourists. It’s reported that he was also tortured and beaten. He was on the brink of death, with injuries on his legs, spine, and many other places. However, thanks to good people and amazing doctors, Simba is alive and well today, learning to trust humans again.

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  1. As wild life photographers is possible to intervene and aid an injured Lion beyond hope of recovery, all be it the aggressor, so that it can be gently euthanised instead of suffering agony.

    It's hard ENOUGH for the lions to survive in the wild. 💔😪Their suffering is UNBEARABLE.
    We're witnessing the Sixth EXTINCTION on the planet right before our eyes. 😢😭😢😭😢😭

  3. It would be a great work If we take care of those help less or injured wild animals becoz once they injured they die without food. Atleast we can do something for those as we almost grabbed their space.

  4. Very sad to see how they suffer to move on . This video has increased my respect to all big cats . They are strong in all situations, brave hearts . I can't take to see them suffer , my request to all wildlife sanctuary guards , kindly put them to death if they are in no revive state of health. Don't make them suffer in pain . Did they treat the lion which whose wound waa covered in maggets , it is such a painful experience OMG OMG.

    This video will always remind me that even the so called tough and strong one suffer so never hunt or hurt them life is not easy for any living beings on this earth .

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