Shocking SEAFOOD in Europe!! BIG EYE RED FISH – Cooked 2 Ways is Insane!!

Shocking SEAFOOD in Europe!! BIG EYE RED FISH - Cooked 2 Ways is Insane!!
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GALICIA, SPAIN – Welcome to Galicia, where we are going to the Western coast of Spain to eat some of Europe’s best seafood. We’ll be some of the freshest seafood then heading to Santiago de Compostela for the night and then the next day to another legendary Spanish seafood restaurant on the northern coast. Let’s eat some incredible seafood!

Friends in the video:
Jeffrey Merrihue ( Thank you to Jeffrey for setting up this once in a lifetime experience)
Kevin Chan (

D’Berto ( – Again, first we started off in Galicia on the western coast of Spain, just north of Portugal in a small town called O Grove. D’Berto is one of the best seafood restaurants and they specialize in pure shellfish, black scallops, big eye sea bream and Atlantic lobsters. Our meal was sensational and the highlight dishes included the black scallops, lobster fried in olive oil, and the insanely delicious big eye sea bream grilled and cooked with potatoes – one of the best single fish I’ve ever had.
Total price – €687.15 for 3 people

We then drove about an hour to the historical and religious city of Santiago de Compostela. I had a chance to walk around a little in the evening. It’s a beautiful city!

Restaurante Güeyu Mar ( – In the morning we drove to the beautiful region of Asturias, Spain on the northern coast to again a small village called Playa de Vega. Restaurante Güeyu Mar is another legendary seafood monument, dedicated especially to the sea bream once again. The food was again delicious. Highlight dishes were the tin canned eels and sea urchin, grilled vegetables, and the perfectly grilled Atlantic big eye sea bream.
Total price – €513 for 3 people

It was truly a memorable Spain seafood eating experience from West to North. The Atlantic coast of Spain has some of the best seafood in Europe and they prepare dishes simple and fully highlighting the true potential of the natural seafood.





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  1. Mark, I would like to know whenever you eat fish 🎏🐟 , where are the fish bones? You just scoop it up with a spoon and eat it in chunks. Wow, magical, No Bones.!!!!!🤪🤪🤪

  2. U can literally watch Mark get higher and higher the more he eats . Food is def his drug ! By the end of the meal his eyes are so bloodshot😂🤣. I enjoy your videos brother.

  3. Mark you seem like a nice, kind person, would you actually kill with your own hands a beautiful living creature to eat it? Or you just let the industry take care of the dirty work and look the other way like most of us?

  4. Love how he just eats everything and anything and loves it
    Slimy, crunchy, or whatever
    I wouldn’t be able to . Great video as always

  5. People forget there are coastlines everywhere in the world not just the beautiful islands in Asia. That said seafood in any part of the world rarely disappoints.

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