The Weirdest Power of SUPERMAN

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In the 1950s, when they were still experimenting with Superman’s powers, they invented one of the weirdest abilities.

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    Supergirl Season 7 Without Benoist Would’ve Been An Arrowverse Disaster

    Zohaib Boorat 3 hours ago Tv Drama Leave a comment 57 Views

    It was revealed there was a pitch for Supergirl which ended in season 6 to have season 7 without Melissa Benoist Here is why that was a bad idea Supergirl season 7 could have happened but it would have been a disaster without star Melissa Benoist The Arrowverse series is a curious case because it did not initially begin on The CW airing season 1 on CBS before Supergirl made the move to the smaller network ahead of season 2 joining The Flash Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow From there it went on for an additional five seasons with the titular hero participating in the annual Arrowverse crossover events.
    Following the conclusion of Supergirl season 5 it was announced season 6 would be the superhero series last Season 6 included 20 episodes with the series finale ending with Kara Danvers revealing her identity as Supergirl to the public The series is the third longest running Arrowverse show behind The Flash which has been renewed for season 9 and Arrow which wrapped after season 8 However Supergirl alum Jesse Rath who played Brainy revealed at The Ultimates convention that show runners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner pitched a season 7 to The CW sans Benoist The plan was to reportedly have 13 episodes in season 6 and ten episodes for season 7 which would have fulfilled Benoists original contract However The CW passed on the pitch giving Supergirl season 6 a 20episode order before ending the show.
    Kara has long played an active role in defeating whichever villain was terrorizing National City and the idea that she could be erased from her own show is a terrible one Crucially Supergirl season 7 would have had to explain why Kara was not around Season 6 spent a good portion of its first half focused on breaking Supergirl out of the Phantom Zone but just because she was off planet did not mean she was off screen Her story continued regardless which would not have been the case if Supergirl was gone from the Arrowverse show entirely Not having Benoist in Supergirl would be like not having Grant Gusting in The Flash or Tyler Hoechlin in Superman & Lois Story lines may focus on other characters  and to be sure they play an important role  but the lack of the primary superhero does not make any sense at all.
    Not having Supergirl around in season 7 would have also undermined her value The series may have survived without Kara for a couple of episodes but centering an entire season without her in it would have felt more like a spinoff than anything else Kara was the beating heart of the show the central figure in which everything and everyone connected to She was the superhero her friends family and National City citizens looked up to Without her in Supergirl season 7 would not have the same at all Luckily the pitch for a Supergirl less Supergirl was rejected.

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