Soft Shell Burger & Oysters + BEST SHRIMP & GRITS!! Seafood Paradise in North Carolina!!

Soft Shell Burger & Oysters + BEST SHRIMP & GRITS!! Seafood Paradise in North Carolina!!
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WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA – Welcome to the coast of North Carolina! Today we are meeting up with Chef Keith Rhodes, from Catch Restaurant, and he’s taking us on an amazing journey to showcase some of the best seafood on the Eastern USA coast. It was a huge honor to have this opportunity and I admire what Chef Keith Rhodes is doing, the people he supports, and the incredible food he cooks.

Catch Restaurant – Chef Keith Rhodes ( – First up we went to Catch Restaurant in Wilmington, where Chef Keith Rhodes cookes local and fresh seafood, with local home style recipes but with his own twist. The food is absolutely incredible and it was the best shrimp and grits and fish and grits I’ve ever had.

Middle Sound Mariculture ( – Next up we met up with James from Middle Sound Mariculture who raises and nurtures some of America’s best oysters on the coast of North Carolina. We had some oysters that were absolutely sensational, so perfectly balanced in taste, texture and salinity.

Soft Shell Crab – Next up today we headed over to meet another friend of Chef Keith who specializes in in soft shell crabs, and some of the best and freshest soft shell crabs you’ll ever have. It was fascinating to learn about the process, and we harvested some fresh crabs. Chef Keith drove over his food truck and immediately cooked them up until crispy and made some of the greatest soft shell crab burgers you’ll ever have!

Shell’em Seafood Co. ( – Another highlight of this American seafood tour in North Carolina was meeting up with Ana Shellem who locally harvests seafood and shines light on lesser known species and ingredients. We harvested some local Wilmington mussels.

The Bento Box ( – Finally to wrap up this amazing seafood experience with Chef Keith, we brought the fresh mussels over to Chef Lee at The Bento Box where he and Chef Keith prepared an incredible feast of Japanese, Korean, and Southern food all on the table using local ingredients.

It was truly an honor to experience this when I was in North Carolina and I can’t thank Chef Keith Rhodes and his family for their incredible hospitality.

When you are in Wilmington do not miss eating at Catch Restaurant, the food is outstanding and you know where it comes from! Say Hi to Chef Keith!

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About the Author: Mark Wiens


  1. Omg! My mouth is so watery and my stomach is making some noise. My goodness all them great food .I love seafood 😋. That crab sandwich must try. Yummy. ✌

  2. Thank you Mark and to both chefs 👨‍🍳 🙏 to the locals that harvest thank you for showing us southern hospitality I'm very grateful to have seen this episode

  3. you sir are a terrible father Yes I'm talking to you mark why would you not have your family with life jackets do you think your young son can swim in those Waters and be safe never ever trust a boat the winds can switch anything can happen do you want to lose your son just because he does not want to wear a life jacket and just because of that I will stop watching your channel you are a terrible father for doing that

  4. Meanwhile, I'm here eating Shrimp flavored ramen noodles.🤯🤔😒👀👀👀👀 This was an Outstanding experience. Wow! They pulled out all the stops. Beautiful!

  5. Am surprised your son Micah has American accent I was expecting thai accent as his always in Thailand and his mother always speaks Thai to him

  6. Mark, grits isn't just cornmeal. It's a special kind of corn called Hickory Cane corn that has been soaked in lye water, dryed, and pulverized. After the lye soak it's called "Hominy". Then after it's dried and pulverized it's called "hominy grits". It's something that is a southern regional specialty in the US. Very few people north of Tennessee eat it. It's best with salt, pepper, and butter.

  7. I have eaten fried soft-shell crab on hamburger bun AND fried oyster on hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion 'way too many years ago at Kemah Texas on Galveston Bay. I'm telling you that to this day that is the most awesome tasting food I have ever had in my whole mouth! This makes me crave them again.

  8. The food looks amazing 😋😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 I'm so hungry now, bless you and your food

  9. In the Alabama gulf coast area, we eat oysters in only months with an r in the name. Our oysters are spawning from June-August. Different areas, different out looks.

  10. Your "shrimp and grits" looks delicious, but it is nothing like the "shrimp and grits" versiion we eat in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Ours is full of cheese and cream, garlic, and shrimp.

  11. I'm so happy you're here in NC. I love your videos and as a foodie I've been able to learn so much about food from all over the world. I've been able to connect with other cultures in a way that I would have never been able to. Thank you for sharing your experiences and love of food. I wish you could make a stop in Greensboro. I would love to meet you!

  12. Wilmington/Carolina Beach is one of my favorite spots of all time. Just magical, kind and beautiful ⛱️ glad you ate the Carolina BBQ and the seafood. Welcome to the South, Mark ♡ the ingredients made my mouth water! 😛🍅🍤

  13. I was only planning on watching the first 5 minutes of this video. Then next thing you know, it is already the end of the video. Food looks amazing, i'm starving.

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