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“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” – Georg Eliot

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About us job;

We are proud to be able to express with faces the number of animals that have been saved, treated and taken care of by the members of the Animal Rescue Association to date. Following the completion of our association process, we continue our animal rescue efforts with a wider team and even greater determination.

Our goal: to ensure the comfortable lives of animals and the good and proper treatment of animals, to ensure the best protection of Animals against suffering, suffering and suffering, and to prevent all kinds of grievances.
The amount of time spent on making sure the pet and you are a great fit can take weeks and some people just do not have time for that.
The paperwork and interview fees can be a lot more as compared to adopting from a shelter.
You may be asked to shoulder vet fees as soon as you expressed interest in a pet or companion animal. Keep in mind that animal rescues are privately funded and run on donations so you cannot really expect not to pay anything. The good news is although there would be fees, the animal rescue can forward your information to a vet who can give you discounted rates so it is not truly a real let down.
Meeting the future pet or scheduling visits can be a pain because the pet lives with a foster who is a volunteer. This means that the foster cannot just leave his or her work to attend to you wanting to meet the pet.
Some rescues may require home visits even months after the adoption has been finalized to ensure that the pet is doing well with you. It is understandable that some individuals are not a fan of this.

# Widely recognized animal rescue organizations :
– Animal Aid Unlimited, India
– Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel
– Vet Ranch
– Animal Rescue Corps
– H.O.M.E Animal Rescue
– Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters
– International Animal Rescue IAR
– AMA Animal Rescue
– the Dodo
– Wildlife Aid
– The Humane Society of the United States
– Sezar Sanctuary
– World Animal Awareness Society
– Cordylobia Anthropophaga

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