4 Tiger Encounters You Shouldn't Click On

4 Tiger Encounters You Shouldn't Click On
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4 Tiger Encounters That Will Horrify You

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Credit to the owners of these clips:
#4: https://youtu.be/4R3-jbPiH_Y
#3: https://youtu.be/vO56Ggeq0MQ
#2: https://youtu.be/gCXuyxh662c
#1: https://youtu.be/gFb6yZsCnJ8

In this compilation video, we go over multiple clips that range from tiger attacks, bengal tiger encounters and tiger spottings. What makes these ”caught on camera” moments so scary is the fact that they were filmed in places like africa, india, safaris, national parks and other parts of Asia.

Some of these clips feature clips where a tiger attacks a man on an elephant, a tiger charges a car full of tourists in india, a man turns his back and gets attacked by his domestic tigers, cars full of tourists encounter tigers and two men on a bike get attacked by a young male tiger at night.

Some of these creepy videos even feature moments where people were chased down by these animals, which are known to attack or stalk people who are out camping, hunting or hiking or just exploring the safari.

These tiger vs man moments are sure to give you the chills and the fact that some people were lucky enough to capture these near death experiences on gopros ou on tape makes it even crazier.

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