Starship Tower Construction Begins at Cape Canaveral, Rocket Lab Neutron Update, Starlink Version 2

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This week was slightly out of the ordinary with an email from Elon Musk to the SpaceX team hinting on disaster if Raptor engine issues can’t be resolved. On the plus side, Starship Tower Construction Begins at Cape Canaveral! YES! We are diving right into that, along with the implied hints on Starlink Version 2 satellites. Then of course we have all the development news you would expect including seeing the Orbital Tank Farm come to life for the first time for a potential static fire. We have an very exciting Rocket Lab Neutron Update, a SpaceX’s Starlink mission sending the second launch to the fourth shell, and a spacewalk at the international space station that was initially cancelled due to space debris.

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  1. Shit dudes, I dont want SpaceX to go bankrupt. If they are, they should open a gofundme or something. I know i would throw my money, they have shown competent management and i just really want them to succeed! Bet i'm not the only one…….

  2. No wonder Elon speaks highly of them, Secret deal to integrate carbon tech into Starship? Elon did say he didn't do it because of cost and production problems but if Rocket Labs solves that problem, Elon would sign up in a second.

  3. Hearing a dude worth like 200$ billion threatening bankruptcy to its employees is just sad. That motivates absolutely no-one, well to maybe update their resume.

  4. The new V2 starlink satellites will need more power and bigger antennas, bigger battery and more compute power to service more customers – i expect somewhere over 400kg I read one article where the writer suggested 800kg to 1200kg per starlink v2. That is quite plausible even at that weight starship would still be able to carry about 100 at a time.
    Starlink are not just planning to be be a little bit better than the competition they are planning to eclipse anything that could be launched by expendable rockets or even the reusable falcon 9.
    The starlink network data cost may be more economically affordable than building terrestrial data links except where there is a high population density.
    Starlink will give undeveloped areas data connectivity equal to the most developed regions and countries and in many cases do it for a lower price than would even be possible by running ground based trunk lines.
    Now while that may sound like bad news for someone who digs trenches for a living they need not worry as there are certainly plenty of areas where underground com cables will still be best as well as other things like power , water ,gas and sewage.

  5. Who needs and also can pay for the huge & frequent payloads that Starship will need to deliver to orbit to be viable?
    Is the demand there?

  6. Amazing video and content. please continue, just need to work on your speech delivery to make it more natural and relaxed cause you sound like you are rushing through in the same excited tone which is stressful/tiring. trying to be constructive here. less words sometimes is more.

  7. Sea launch is what the launch rate Elon is talking about sounds like. He must be pushing that into their internal schedule. Sea launch requires different but less difficult approvals. We are clearly missing a lot of pieces to the puzzle.

  8. Awesome update but I’d like to correct a common misperception. LC 39 is at the KSC on Merritt Island, not Cape Canaveral. The Banana River separates KSC from Cape Canaveral. NASA oversees KSC and the USSF oversees Cape Canaveral. I hope this helps.

  9. Neutron sounds absolutely fantastic and innovative. Very ambitious ideas that are beyond what any other provider is doing at the moment. Even next to Starship this still looks like a concept to be reckoned with! 🙂

  10. Thanks for analysing so objectively and critically. Elon's Tweet makes more sense of things, and confirms what would seem obvious and logical:
    If that email is not a fake I must honestly say it seems very much like lies to pressure people into working harder. When Starlink was conceived and thousands of V1s were shot into orbit I am rather sure that Elon did not already plan on needing Starship to prevent Starlink from bankrupting SpaceX. Developing a working Raptor engine was never a certainty, especially not as fast as they did.
    I also can't see how Falcon can possibly be under-equipped to launch Starlink V2. It's either fake or pathetic lies. I do see that SpaceX is investing heavily into both Starship and Starlink and that always poses some risk, but seeing the success of Falcon and Dragon, the Starlink earnings already made, NASA's funding for Starship, the potential of using Tesla money(?) AND the fact that apparently Elon is confident (or mad) enough to build a wide bay and another Starship tower at a different location before the first one has been tested once, it seems HIGHLY unlikely that the risk of bankruptcy is real.
    If a bi-weekly launch cadence in 2022 is really needed for Starship to not bankrupt SpaceX, the time to look for a new job is *now*. FAA is never ever going to be fast enough to make that happen in mere months. And Elon would be a reckless gambler to put the entire company on the line given the experience they already made with FAA's slowness. It's one thing to believe in something, investing again and again to make your company's first profitable product or service work (as done with both Tesla and SpaceX in the early days out of necessity), it's another thing entirely to (allegedly) have spent all the money of a very profitably working company building insane numbers of items you may never be able to use (with no necessity at all). I highly doubt the infrastructure and satellites built right now are that big of an investment that they gobble up all the company money plus the current and future streams of revenue.

  11. I really can't see SpaceX running out of cash. Musk could for example float the company and raise several billion within hours. Unless they're running down capital at a phenomenal rate.

    If it comes to it, I think he should sell majority control of Tesla and focus on the rockets. He's done what he set out to do with Tesla – and so close to achieving the same now with SpaceX.

  12. I'm very suspicious of 100% positive spin on all stories. Don't say "wondering what's going to happen next" and just say "wondering what went wrong", which is what a normal person would ask. I look for balanced reporting, and I don't trust you because you spin absolutely everything in one direction, which is NOT useful.

  13. Marcus, you REALLY need to put statements like "a 7 percent increase in risk" into perspective.
    Otherwise laypeople will assume that the Risk is going up TO "old value plus 7% of total risk" and expect it now to be idk … 25% so every fourth EVA will see a collission or other incident.

    That is NOT correct. It is 7% of the old value that gets added. NOT 7% as a total number.

    If before there was 1 Chance in 20 billion attempts, it now would be 1.07 chances in 20 billion attempts. Without knowing the actual risk assessment such numbers are harmful and lead people to make false assumptions.

    Same is true for say cancer risks. When people hear "this substance is increasing cancer risks by 1/3, that can mean that they studied the life of 100,000 persons and 3 got cancer. If you add the risk factor (e.g. smoking) to it, NOW we expect 4 people out of 100,000 cases to get this cancer. Certainly a horrible fate for the 4 people involved, but nowhere close to what a person with zero knowledge of maths or statistics expects to happen. For lay persons "increases by 33% is meaning it now is way larger than 33% so maybe 50%. Which is not correct.

  14. Thanks for another great video Marcus! Here is a fantastic idea for SpaceX. SERVICE HUBBLE TELESCOPE! Send crew via Falcon 9 to rendezvous with to perform badly needed repairs & upgrades. Currently there is no means to do so without Space Shuttle. It would allow it to have much longer life span. Maybe you could check into a possibility like this. IMHO, it would be similar to visiting the space station. A long spacewalk or two would probably be required for sure. It could be done over perhaps one to two days. then crew returns via the capsule.

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