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The worst car crashes caught on camera!
And Also: Bad drivers, Road rage, Car crashes, And Idiot drivers! Car crash compilation 2017-2018! Must Watch! Hope you enjoy! And as always stay safe on the road! Don’t end up like these bad drivers! Learn, And Drive Safe! Thanks for watching!

I don’t own any of these videos and I just put them together For your enjoyment. Full credit goes to the owners of these videos
I have left in any watermarks from the original owners.

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  1. The person at 5:47 was definitely trying to commit suicide. I won't disregard the possibility of them falling asleep, but the way they got into the lane so fast and stayed there perfectly straight with the oncoming truck makes me think otherwise. My grandfather was a cross country trucker for over 40 years, and he's told me horror stories about driving those trucks. Late at night driving through South Dakota, dark as shit, someone will jump right out in front of the truck. Or someone will stand in the middle of the highway just waiting. Sometimes people will do what the person in the clip I tagged will do. Last second they jet into your lane and hit you head on. Unfortunately, while driving, he's had 7 people drive into his lane with the same intent, 3 died.

  2. Copyright strike my ass. It's known that if you make videos over 10 mins long that you'll gain points to get sponsors or advertisements. Fuck you bitch. I hope your YouTube account goes to shit.

  3. 2:13 wooohoo woo hoo hoo….oh fuck. Thats what you get for driving like a fucking idiot, you could have caused the car you passed on the shoulder to end up the way you did. You deserve it

  4. 2:21 its not so fun now when you are going to hit the truck in front of you and that why drivers shouldnt go above the speed limit and drive recklessly becuse they wanted more fun in their life

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