Get Outta Here, You’re Fired! (Reddit Compilation)

Get Outta Here, You’re Fired! (Reddit Compilation)
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  1. She was the substitute art teacher so I’m not sure if it counts as a firing. We were making origami ornaments and she told a 10 yo he was doing the folds wrong because “I can’t slit your throat with this” while rubbing the paper across his neck. I never saw her again after that.

  2. 13:22 hear the story about the guitar playing teacher, and thought of my 3rd grade math teacher, Ms. H. She played guitar in class if we were good, and was super cool. Just realized she was probably a lesbian, which explains a lot (nothing inappropriat). She is still one of the coolest teachers I've had

  3. I like how in the US school system the teacher is employed by the school and not by the Ministry of Education. So, if the principal has it out for some teacher…fired…some kid says something to his mother…fired…well, in civilized countries you cannot be fired without due process…but that's only i civilised countries

  4. In year 11,my English teacher went on leave for hospital and was replaced for a devil of a teacher for two week before her “ contract ran out”. She tried to make us buy from her online english revision store, tried to say she paid for passed paper question when we saw her get them out of the English department lessons cabinet out side our classroom and when we did take her lies went and ran to the head of English. Even the teachers didn’t like her and actually want to pull her out year 7-9 classes to protect them. What finally did it was her taking a year 7 inhaler while they were having a asthma attack in her lesson and trying to give them detention for interrupting her lesson and keeping the inhaler till the end of the day. My class confirmed when we saw the inhaler on her desk after the break.

  5. If someone has ended themselves because of the grief a false accusation and the person comes out and says that they made it all up, that person should be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Change my mind

  6. 0:00 – Why did that teacher get fired from your school?
    21:49 – What's the dumbest reason you've ever been fired?
    50:41 – Did any of you witness a teacher at your school get fired?
    1:09:51 – Employers and managers who had to fire someone on their first day, what happened?
    1:31:00 – Workers of Reddit, what is your best 'well, I'm getting fired' moment at work?
    1:52:23 – What's the craziest reason you had to fire someone?

  7. My freshman teacher (i cant remember the subject she taught) said I wouldn't pass unless I agreed to go on dates with guys in the class. She got put on probation and fired at the end of the year once I spoke to administration since mom wouldn't do anything and told me to go along with it. As to why she said that, she overheard me and a few other girls talking about boys and I had said I wasn't intrested in dating until after I was established in my career. She told me that was abnormal and insisted on me dating in high school.

  8. Damn the amount of students that say nasty things all because they're too lazy to actually do the work and get a better grade is mind boggling to me. False accusations like that should put you in prison.

  9. Fired for reporting abuse and harrassment of my supervisor to HR, but they disguised it as firing me for recording evidence of him being abusive in my pocket, all you could hear was sound and the video itself was just a black screen. Meanwhile he takes photos all over the site and harrassed someone for things that weren't his job (the building had a no photo/video policy and no one thought to have annual reminders for the 3 years i was there, only was told the one time)

    and that's how they fired me in retaliation for reporting abuse while having a more legal excuse to get rid of me. I take it as a badge of honor in a way, it shows they saw me as a threat. Not to mention not a single soul otherwise on that job site was happy to see me go, everyone just hated the supervisor even more as he continued watching movies at his desk while we were understaffed and struggling

  10. Damn. Evidently I went to every boring school in this nation. It was a big deal that my 5th grade teacher came to my house for dinner once because my also teacher mom invited him. He was one of my favorite teachers and we were his first class, we're still in touch. So lucky to have so many great teachers and have one as a mom. I read constantly, and, of course, became a comedy writer. Find great teachers, get paid to be a wise ass writer for tv, make your teacher parent proud yet crazy at the same time. Win/Win. The thing with Mr. Ethan was horrifying, it is heartbreaking, I hope that student wakes up every day living that. The guitar player teacher was awesome and we all got to sing with him once a week, pretty sure the school knew it was going on. He was not fired. Guitar playing teachers in the 1970s was probably a mandatory staff member.

  11. Mechanic teacher had relations with female students. He was my homeroom teacher. Only had him one class (for our school homeroom is only used for freshmen first day and SATs) but damn.

  12. I got my science teacher fired actually it was me and my friends we noticed you only drank from his thermos so what did we do we went up to his thermos and emptied the contents into our water bottles which it was vodka and we put water back in he went and took a squig coughed swore flipped his desk and freaked out and stormed out of the room never saw him again

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