Buzzfeed Unsolved ghost evidence part 1

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  1. Everyone talks about Shane being brave when literally IN NO EPISODE I HAVE EVER SEEN IS THERE ANY REASON FOR THEM TO BE LEGITIMATELY FRIGHTENED. Certainly at no point have they been physically threatened. He's not macho. He's just rational. He is right 90%+ of the time & little bitch boy Ryan constantly screaming makes him look that way.

  2. I can't watch this anymore, I can't tolerate Ryan. That douche has set back any real paranormal investigators out there by years. He is convinced by anything & everything & any skeptic is surely laughing at him.

    Ryan WAS IT YOUR FLASHLIGHT THAT TURNED ON? OR WAS IT SOME RANDOM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR'S FLASHLIGHT? Ya know, the guy who literally makes money from idiots like you who completely ignore rational thought.

  3. As I've heard people say, the spirits and ghosts feed on fear and Shane is never really scared so he never manages to feel or see anything paranormal but with Ryan, it's an entirely different case. Shane will never believe whatever Ryan says even if the evidence is compelling.

  4. Father Renz recording directly from German:

    Father: "Was ist ihre (Anwesenheit?)"

    Anneliese: "Ich hab recht dazu dass ich in dem Wagen drin bin! Ich trag diese jungen (nasen?) so lang bis sie (???) sau blöde (???) für uns gibst kein zurück! Nie! In aller Ewigkeit!"

    Father: "Sag deinen Namen"

    Anneliese: "Ich… Judas, und der Nero, Cain und der Hitler! Fünf simma! (sind wir)"

    Father: "Wer's der sechste?"

    Anneliese: "Über dem hamma (haben wir) gelogen.."

  5. When I heard the Father Renz recording, I noticed they speak German. Gives me shivers even more understanding every word said without the subtitles.

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