Live Rescue: Top 6 Animal Rescues – Part 2 | A&E

Live Rescue: Top 6 Animal Rescues - Part 2 | A&E
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“Live Rescue” follows firefighters, paramedics and EMTs from across the country as they bravely put their lives on the line responding to emergency rescue calls. Emmy® Award-winner Matt Iseman joins “Live Rescue” with impressive media and medical credentials.

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  1. 2:22 I like how the camera is pointed at the trees, I felt that the momma raccoon was going to jump from a branch, fall in a position of a flying squirrel, and fall onto the lady cop to save her baby- XD

  2. One of my cats had actually crawled up in the car engine before, he had somehow got outside and it was snowing so he went into the engine to get warm…. and the next morning when my mom was taking me to school he started meowing while we were driving. We were so worried! We got him out and he was perfectly fine. Thank God!

  3. The square stocking phytogeographically afford because jaguar proportionately meddle within a craven bail. joyous, exciting exclusive date

  4. this is like me trying to dry my dog after a bath. she gets so excited and runs around so we have to throw a towel on her to catch her- ??

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