Idiots in Cars 67

Idiots in Cars 67
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Compilation of total fails on the road by bad drivers – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!.

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  1. At 2:39 we need Attenborough narrating.

    "Here we see two adult males suffering from low self-esteem engaged in a fierce battle over the other's perceived slight against them, as they try to gain some semblance of self-respect through the domination of others."

  2. So around 1:30, it seems that that other driver is angry at the camera car driver because the camera car driver didn't run the pedestrian over? Or maybe the driver was angry about something that happened earlier that the video doesn't show.

  3. I just love watching fucking idiots crash. Millions of morons with dead brains driving. People that cause wrecks out of stupidity like daydreaming or on the cellphone need to be BEAT WITH A CLUB. They are so stupid they have no right to drive.

  4. nice that the cammer just kept going. i would have waited 5 sec to see if this guy flees the szene and put a note on the damaged car….

  5. It's amazing how many morons, that even after causing the accident, SIT right in the middle of the highway. Move that pile of trash off the highway immediately.

  6. Time 0.09: I do believe the car driver is trying to tell you that your driving to close behind him. I also thing the car driver needs a plot booked now because he is not going to live very long doing that. Quick thinking on driver behind.

  7. God is the worst driver ever since the dawn of creation… he drives an R32 with 700000 miles on the odometer…. and His "Son", we'll term, drove an E39 M5 with an automatic and had 880000 on the odometer…. snooPING AS usual I see?!?!!?!?!?! 666

  8. If people applied as much pressure to the brake pedal as they do to the horn button, a lot of these accidents would be avoided. Also – stay out of the lorry's blind spot.

  9. There must be something in the communist water.
    Chinese and Russian drivers are equally good.
    QUESTION: Do they have insurance? Does it ever pay out?

  10. Eu fico pensando assim
    Algumas pessoas estão errada no trânsito
    Mas tem que ter reflexo tabem pessoas preferem tira a mão do volante e buzina do quer desviar

  11. I am amazed – most of the time it is ignorance on the part of the person causing the accident. I believe all of these involved stupidity for which there is no cure.

  12. 6:20 wtf are those road markings? theres a left curve that goes across what is supposedly also an oncoming lane? thats how that is supposed to work:?! thats insane

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