Wild African elephant with attitute – BBC wildlife

Wild African elephant with attitute - BBC wildlife
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A giant, but cute African elephant greets presenters in the safari. A first encounter with the orphan herd matriarch Emily turns out to be a little close for comfort! Exciting wildlife photography from BBC Worldwide.


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About the Author: BBC Studios


  1. wow the way she stretched out her trunk to breathe him and to find out about him , then came up to him and touched him..!  Thats amazing being accepted by the matriarch of the herd…JUST AMAZING

  2. Elly Emmy's keepers have been so kind and loving to her as an orphan. It's as if she wants to acknowledge their good adoptive care when she decides that whom they bring in touch with is for her to win over. Lucky Jonathan Scott that she comes down, literally, to his size to assure him that inspite of her bulk she 'can do' human too. My all time fav animal clip. I love this beautiful beast………………….

  3. have just watched this repeat…. emily the wonderful matriach elephant has been familiar with her keepers and here it seems that she is aware of her awesome size and by coming down to the presenter's size she is trying to assure him that she is not a threat to him and wishes to bond with him and make him her friend. we should reinforce her message in our lives when dealing with beings smaller than ourselves… i for one, am moved to tears at the sensitivity of this wonderful animal.

  4. Do you see the intuitive and complex ability of reason . She knew that to approach this entity she would have to turn off her size difference , and lays down and sends it's trunk out to gather information .
    I'm sure that most humans don't even know about this and always walk tall and friendless , when the Elephants know .

  5. Wow Im very jealous Id love to have been touched by her. So sad they are being killed off for their ivory. I cry when I think of that as they are very very special animals.

  6. This has to be the most sensible and caring Elephant. To try a threat charge, realise that does not cut the mustard, then to lay facing away from her intended 'talking' partner and just hold her Trunk out to smell if he is any threat, just marvellous.

    Thanks for the upload.

    Take care.


  7. It’s cool to watch animals be animals, but we must beware the Animal in ourselves. Mankind must rise above dog-eat-dog society that we have built. Only the ultimate truth can do that for us. Seek the truth of life and death. Google ‘truth contest’ click the 1st link and read “The Present.”

  8. If you love elephant as I do, you can protect them by donating some dollars to an associations or something. or at least: don't buy ivory products, or please don't go to circus!!!! I've seen videos and pictures of what people do to them, above all to the baby ones in circus to perform stupid tours: and believe me these images are still in my mind…

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