A Translator Guesses What Language People Are Speaking | Lineup | Cut

A Translator Guesses What Language People Are Speaking | Lineup | Cut
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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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What language am I speaking? (Eric) | Lineup | Cut

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  1. I love how when americans hear bad english they just make fun of it, but from looking at the comments, the rest of the world insults people and says theyre pieces of shit for having a bad accent, lmao

  2. As a translator myself, I was surprised that he didn't lead off with his working language, Chinese… I'm sitting here wondering how he's going to translate when he can only barely speak any of the languages he listing off.

  3. Like wtf bc that one girl that spoke Hebrew not to be judgy she said “hathat sevel” and it’s pronounced “hati hat sevel” ? Hebrew thangz ?

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