Nizwa, Date Palm Oasis, and Omani Street Food Mishkak

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Day 7: Muscat and Nizwa, Oman – We started off in Muscat, then took a drive to Nizwa to visit the fort, had a delicious Omani food lunch, and visited a date palm oasis in the desert. The highlight of the day for me was visiting Misfat Al Abriyeen village and eating Omani street food mishkak.

1:05 Royal Opera House Muscat, Tour – 2 OMR ($5.20) per person – One of the most famous sites in Muscat is the Royal Opera House, and it’s truly an incredible piece of architecture. Although I wasn’t able to visit an opera performance when I was in Muscat, you can go there and admire it from the outside and take a tour to go inside as well.

3:25 Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – One of the places you can’t leave Muscat without seeing is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, built of sandstone and marble. It’s truly a beautiful place to see in Oman.

5:31 Nizwa Fort – 0.5 OMR ($1.30) – Nizwa is one of Oman’s cultural capitals, and it’s located just about an hour from Muscat. Mustafa is actually from Nizwa, and so he offered for us to drive there, and spend the day visiting some of the main attractions in Nizwa and around that area. The Nizwa Fort is right in the center of Nizwa, and it’s well worth a visit when you’re in Oman.

9:28 Lunch at Bin Ateeq Restaurant – For lunch, we were all extremely hot and tired, and we went to an Omani food restaurant in Nizwa called Bin Ateeq Restaurant – they also have some branches of the same restaurant in Muscat as well. They serve a menu of traditional Omani dishes, and we ordered thareed and makbūs. All the food was good, and we ate Omani style, on the floor, with our hands. Total price – about 7.5 OMR ($19.48)

14:34 Al Hamra – After lunch, we drove over to an Oasis in the desert called Al Hamra. It’s a village still today, but there’s an old part of the village that is now deserted, and you can walk around and see the ruins. It was fascinating.

16:07 Misfat Al Abriyeen – But my favorite place we visited on this day was Misfat Al Abriyeen, a date palm Oasis in Oman, that was set on the side of a mountain. Their system of date palms and irrigation was amazing. It was beautiful!

18:38 Oman street food Mishkak in Nizwa – About 1.6 OMR ($4.16) – After getting back from the Oasis, we headed back to Nizwa and had Omani street food mishkak before dinner. The camel skewers were my favorite.

22:31 Dinner at Marsa Al Saiyaad Restaurant – When it comes to Omani food, seafood is very popular, and so for dinner we went to a seafood restaurant in Nizwa called Marsa Al Saiyaad Restaurant. You choose your own fresh seafood, and then they grill everything for you. It was a fantastic final meal in Oman! Total price – About 10 OMR ($25.98)

26:44 Taxi from Nizwa to Muscat Airport – 15 OMR ($38.97), and Muscat Airport – After dinner we took a taxi from Nizwa to the Muscat Airport, and waited to catch our flight to Istanbul, which was at about 1 am.

It was a long day, but a fantastic day in Oman.

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