Rescue Poisoned Dog Was Screaming, Extreme Pain In The Ice

Rescue Poisoned Dog Was Screaming, Extreme Pain In The Ice
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Rescue Poisoned Dog Was Screaming, Extreme Pain In The Ice

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It is heartbreaking to witness this scene.
She was screaming, in extreme pain.
She was paralyzed, panicked in the freezing, freezing weather.
Perhaps, she was poisoned and thrown at this place.
So heartbreaking!

I took her into the car with extreme emotion.
I cried, cried a lot …

She was still screaming in panic.
Immediately, I took her to Vet for treatment (About 30km).
I fed her to regain strength …
She received the food in a hurry, voraciously.
Perhaps, she has been starving for days.

After the X-ray, she also broke her neck.
This is why she can’t turn her head to look at us.
Currently, I have brought this poor girl to home for easy care.

Every day, I had to feed and drink with a cylinder.
I took care of her very carefully.

And I kept bringing her to Vet for treatment …
After more than 2 weeks, she gradually recovered.

Hopefully, God bless her and she has a wonderful ending.

Credit: Помощь Животным ?МЫ НЕ ПРИЮТ!
?СБ:4276 6OOO 4808 9201(Зарина Сергеевна
? Голодный номер:8(989) 040-79-09

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  1. Wonderful video, I'm glad that she is doing great and anyone who treats an animal that way, is an abusive monster who deserves to be put in prison for life.-keep up, the great work.

  2. I want to know how you find these dogs and such extreme immediate pain in such desolate places very strange exclamation exclamation exclamation it makes me really wonder about you

  3. Por favor cu ando un animalito llorar es por algo y ten más cuidado al resecarlo ( piensa)antes de hacerlo tenía una fractura q no vuelva a pasar lo q hiciste ( siempre ten una Camilla en tu carro y trátalo como un ser humano ) abrígale en esta época hace frío ,y muchas gracias y espero ver su recuperación no sólo este vídeo y como está más adelante

  4. Так и не понятно, будет операция или нет. Будет ходить или нет.It is not clear whether the operation will be or not. Will walk or not.

  5. Thank you for saving this precious, and beautiful girl. God bless you. I didn't understand if he was poisoned and broke neck. Or only broken neck? If he was poisoned how did he survived?

  6. Geez, with a broken neck, it must've been agony and done a lot more damage to be dragged out by her teeth.. What a lovely woman… so glad she was there and cared!

  7. Government must erect posters to warn peoples of serious offend and punishment for inhuman behaviour towards animals,unless a Government do act upon such cruelty,these Evil will continue forever.

  8. Миленький как же ему больно ,невыносимо смотреть как они страдают ,что ж за сволочи кто так с ними поступает.Мрази чтоб им так же шеи поворачивали.Вам спасибо!

  9. Пусть Бог тебе поможет маленький. Красатулька.Здоровья всем вам! Спасибо большое опекунам.

  10. Well , on the 25 th of Feb 2020. Two pitbull dogs killed to beautiful medium size dogs. The pitbulls live next door and broke the fence and killed the dogs in Victorville, CA. The city dog pound only slapped a fine to the neighbor of the pit dogs. The family wants justice of the Two dogs who were killed. The family is heartbroken over this . I say sue them.

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