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  1. Is this why trump and them bout to cut off all the damn programs? somebody better wake up cause it's gonna get real bad when section 8,link food cards,babysitting checks,and low income programs get cut out.

  2. I don't blame that girl if she would've came out they would've jumped her y'all know bitches don't fight fair. And the same for ole boy if he woulda come out they would've jumped him

  3. title should not say hood fight but hood YELLIN, you dumb muthafukkas had to make dat lil boy see dis shit,FOR REAL DOE.can't honestly say dat i wasted  3:10 of my time cause MOST of da male bootys was nice to look at, but like most vids dere is always gonna be a party pooper LOL

  4. Nothing but bunch of shit talking and can't even tell what they're saying. Poor child that I seen on the video. He is going to grow up thinking that type of behavior is ok, when it's not. I don't understand if someone had beef with another person it should be between them. Not the whole damn nosey ass apartment complex.

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