Hood Fight At Popeyes Chicken Milwaukee WI

Hood Fight At Popeyes Chicken Milwaukee WI
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  1. Yes indeed plenty job openings at that Popeyes. Noticed the guy who recorded the incident had much laughter instead of being pissed that his own race keeps fighting at Popeyes Chicken.

  2. Yo them 3 bitches are weak af! They all jumped the smallest one in the place & still lost! It had to be underlying issues if they jumped that girl b/c she asked them can they fight! & good job to the manager, she was getting jumped too! The 2 that got jumped won ironically! I bet those 3 bitches …one clearly named Kayla is messy af…you can tell they messy. & the little nappy head one that walked by the camera looking lost running up to the other 2 like what next? Follower! You followed your leader & got beat up like her too! Since I know the lil bitches reading the comments! Y’all weak & unemployed ahhhhh!

  3. This Popeyes needs to be closed down. The fact that all the employees were fighting it encourages everybody in the work place to act up like that, and they're making the Popeyes business look really bad.

  4. I had a hankering for Popeyes a month or so back during the sandwich shortage so I was certain that there would be no problem at all. Unfortunately, it was in a predominantly black area and I am not used to going through that area. Blacks jaywalking everywhere that I literally stopped in the middle of a four lane road to not hit them. I got to the Popeyes and about a dozen of top notch citizens standing outside the entry when there was no line. I did a quick glance and said “nope” I boogied outta there and reserved my hunger for another day.

  5. Never go to Milwaukee… They only hire women, whites and dysfunctional niggas. You will be unemployed there TRUST ME…!!! 2015 I could only bag Temp jobs with bad environments. Blacks on some of these jobs fought a lot. Whites was racist and lie on you. Milwaukee Wisconsin is a demonic layer…. I repeat… Do not move there. It's only good for whites with old money. This city is not a perfect start over spot. Soon as I moved to Vegas…. Got my desired job. Trust me… Economy levels are real out here.

  6. Sadly, this is the result when there is no real father & mother in the household. Same characters always involved mindless behavior ??‍♂️

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