Near-death crash with F3A – Dangerous plane crash

Near-death crash with F3A - Dangerous plane crash
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  1. @rcgutt
    Ah, I've never seen such a thing…; they're a Prohibited Weapon, here in Oz…(!). Our PoLice are the most Cowardly on the Planet. They dress up in Combat Boots & Blue Hero-Suits, strap on a Flak-Jacket, buckle into a Glock 9mm, & 2 spare Mag's, a Taser, a Capsicin-Sprayer, Baton, Cuffs & aRadio ; all to walk to get the Doughnuts, in a town of unarmed CitiZens, where there's never been a Bank Robbery, & nobody's ever shot at a Cop by Surprise. Ciao !

  2. I bet that first guy "yakked" after crashing.
    Alf is a hero, he didnt even flinch. Just looked over like, "WTF". HAHA that was great. Just another day at Ringebu.

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