Real people drowning caught on camera – Death Captured

Real people drowning caught on camera - Death Captured
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Deaths due to drowning.


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  1. Im sorry , but this is like you jumping of the cliff hoping you'll fly if you flap your arms fast enough…..
    How STUPID do you have to be ?

    Why would you go in the river if you can't SWIM ……UGHH , IDIOT

  2. People new that the water is deep and the current is strong why would they still swim.They are fools they already new what is happening and they knew that it can caused their death

  3. 1st one – The chain is not a showpiece its there for a reason. After the man is nearly drowned the cameraman says to him "what's the matter" i mean what the fuck was you asleep or something then he yells for help from passers-by. 2nd one – Unbelievable how the water came so fast, should never mess around in the water always take precaution what might happen as these folks are to close to the edge to escape mother nature. 3rd one – this is just smack down hilarious, one word dimwit. then the last ones trucks why the fuck would you go risking everyone's lives when you can just wait!! sad!

  4. In the first video, it looked like the victim may have accidentally fell backward off of a ledge or drop-off. The others who saw this may not have known how to swim (they're all hugging the shore), or they may have known about deadly
    undercurrents out beyond the shore, that would have killed them too. They were all in a big river, which very often have deadly offshore undercurrents.
    The rest were visibly too dangerous, for bystanders to wade into. They would have almost certainly been killed too. Many of them may have kept filming in order to show what happened, and how many victims there were, to police and aquatic search and rescue teams, that would know how to swim if they didn't.

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