Bubur Ayam Barito: Chicken Rice Porridge in Jakarta

Bubur Ayam Barito: Chicken Rice Porridge in Jakarta
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Bubur ayam is a very common Indonesian street food dish that you will find all over Jakarta. It is the Indonesian version of rice congee porridge, and one of the most common versions is served with chicken. In this video I went to a restaurant called Bubur Ayam Barito, which is located in South Jakarta, and it’s a legendary restaurant when it comes to serving bubur ayam.

It was a really rainy day, it rained the entire day, and even when I thought the rain was starting to clear, it still rained the entire time we walked over to the restaurant. So I thought it was the perfect day to eat rice congee, because it’s such a comforting and warming dish – and even though it wasn’t cold outside, it was a little bit cooler than a normal day when the sun was shining.

We arrived to Bubur Ayam Barito in the evening, well before the main dinner rush, and they were already packed with hungry customers. But just as we are arrived they were setting up for dinner and so they set up a tent on the side of the sidewalk so that we could get a seat. When you go to Bubur Ayam Barito, they prepare all of the bubur ayam to the left hand side where the kitchen is located. And if you’re lucky you can get a seat right there where they are cooking, otherwise there’s a huge overflow section underneath the tarp where there’re plenty of tables and places to sit.

In order to make the bubur ayam, the rice congee porridge was already prepared. And so he took a spoon and he dished out a portion, and just from looking at him dish it out I could tell how sticky and thick it was. This is not just an ordinary bowl of rice congee, it was topped with a bunch of different items including some sliced shredded chicken, and also put an egg in it, and also with some crunchy things. I also saw a lot of people are eating at Bubur Ayam Barito, and they ordered a couple skewers of chicken innards, which appeared to be deep-fried and on a stick, and so I had to follow.

The bubur ayam, was overall very good, and it was definitely a deluxe bowl of rice congee. However, rice congee is still not my favorite thing to eat, as I usually prefer dishes that are a little bit more spicy and flavorful. But that being said this was a pretty good bowl of rice congee and it definitely tasted good because it was a rainy day as well.

Bubur Ayam Barito
Address: Jalan Gandaria Tengah 3, Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Open hours: 4 pm – 12 am midnight daily
Prices: 42,000 IDR ($3.13) for 2 bowls, 2 skewers of organs.


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  1. Pernah coba makN bubur ini suapan pertama seneng karna rasaya enak trus ga sengaja ngaduk dpt kuning telur meleleh dan nafsu makan langsung hilang dan stop makan, wakkaka saya ttp suka sama bubur ayam plus telur sudah direbus.

  2. Hello Mark! Please come to Surabaya, east Java, Indonesia. We have so many interesting culinary spots, me and @Budiono Sukses will be excited to accompany you strolling around Surabaya!

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