Real Ghost Pictures !!! Paranormal activity caught on camera !!!

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Real ghosts caught on camera. These are supposedly pictures of ghosts. Real or fake? You decide. These are some of the rarest ghost pictures we could find, Taken in smoe of the worlds scariest, most haunted places. We didn’t want to show you pictures you’ve seen before, or boring pictures of orbs.

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  1. Let me say this…GHOSTS dont look the same when their dead, they take form in a spirit energy and not what they were Last wearing when they died. Cant fool me…LOL!

  2. How the fuck would you know about shit that happened before you were born? Maybe you should stop watching retarded movies. Then you wouldn't believe retarded things like mother jokes being invented in '94.

  3. While camera technology helps us see ghosts it also enables fake pics. These look very real but I'm no photography expert. I enjoyed them very much bc they didn't look fake.:o)

  4. Im on VaultOfFear's side. Youre full of shit voltag3man and zaine. However i believe the pictures are fake, but that doesnt mean the images didnt freak the hell out of me.

  5. @voltag3man Molther jokes were made me in 1994? Huh? No. Mother jokes are WAY older than that, though I doubt you even existed before 1994, since your last comment reads: "strongest gun and powerfulliest gun in world is m95" And I've seen it. It was utter shit.

  6. @VaultOfFear mother jokes were made u in 1994 ratard if u dont know wat ratard is u realy dumb see the movie the hangover if dont know

  7. @VaultOfFear im sorry that you are retarded and dont know phrases. tell your mom im glad she wasnt scared to smoke crack while pregnant with you thought. fucking jackass

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