5 Nightmarish Videos Of Ghost Caught On Camera

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I had to admit Some of the videos send chills to my spine when I was watching them at night. I am sharing with you what I believe are 5 Nightmarish Videos Of Ghost Caught On Camera

The ghost in the Attic
Manchester poltergeist caught on camera
The kitchen poltergeist
Eastern State prison ghost
Ed and Lorraine Warren’s ghost video

Special thanks to Mr.Davis for narrating this video. You can check his channel here

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  1. The ghost in the office that was moving the chair was me. I passed away in 1958 of heart attack. I couldn't cross over so I decided to stay in that office. Am I spooking anyone here?

  2. On number 3 at 3:03.13 (office digital clock) you can see something or someone walking in the window of the door, it's at the end before the camera's change to another view.

  3. I thought the office thing was a confirmed publicity stunt?

    Also, the kitchen thing, while utterly hilarious, is also a proven fabrication x)

  4. Ghosts used to be so much more well bahaved. They just made an appearnce every few years then left us all alone. Now days they have to smash thing up and make a mess. I wonder if it's anything to do with all this technology.

  5. Total bullshit!
    Delusional non sense. A sucker is born every minute! Humans are gullible creatures!
    If you think any of these clips are real, I have a deal for you.. Please email me all of your personal information, bank card number and the lucky 3 digits on the back! Youreanidiot@gmail.com

  6. You know it’s fake when the office had video and audio, which is illegal ? you’re not allowed to record audio on security cameras ??? how many idiots fell for this BS.

  7. My mum died 8 years ago, in a period af deep trouble, I decided to watch a movie alone, just came home, get in my living room and try to look for the dvd of a movie called "Mamma" (yeah I know, not the most funny movie to watch …) and said out lound "heyyy , where's mamma ??? (the dvd right), and just as I was saying that, one of the cushion on my couch just fell for no reason …. I'm still frighten just by writting this down !

  8. 3:25 GHOST :

    Fuck dis Kitchen
    Fuck yall house
    Yall tacky ass cabinets
    Fuck yall cheap ass silverware
    Fuck dese basic ass plates and bowls
    Fuck yall food
    Fuck yall table
    Fuck dis chair with this ugly ass seat
    Just fuck yall !!!

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