Bhutanese CHILI SAUCE! Bhutan Travel Guide from Punakha to Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan (Day 14)

Bhutanese CHILI SAUCE! Bhutan Travel Guide from Punakha to Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan (Day 14)
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When it comes to Bhutanese food, ezay, which is any kind of Bhutanese chili sauce, is something I learned to love from my first day in Bhutan. Every Bhutanese makes their own version of ezay, using a selection of different ingredients. Not two ezays are the same. At Aum Leki Wangmo Farmhouse, the mother there made some amazing Bhutanese chili sauce and I had a chance to watch her make it. Dry chilies, oil, sichuan pepper, tree tomato, ginger, salt, and cheese were a few of the main ingredients she added to her recipe.

Kuenphen Restaurant – On the drive from Punakha to Phobjikha Valley, we stopped for lunch along the bumpy and beautiful road. We ordered shakam datshi, sikam datshi and chilly chicken. The food was alright, but not as good at the home cooked Bhutanese food at home stays in Bhutan. Total price – 640 BTN ($9.60)

Phobjikha Valley – Phobjikha Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit when you travel to Bhutan. It’s a secluded valley, high in the mountains. We checked into Pasang Zangmo Farmstay. The aunty and her family here were awesome, and she’s known for her cooking throughout all of Phobjikha Valley. I loved walking around their house, exploring the area and seeing black necked cranes (which migrate from Tibet). Our Bhutanese food dinner was delicious.


It was an honor to be invited by MyBhutan to visit Bhutan to explore Bhutanese food and culture. Thank you to MyBhutan Productions for making my trip and this video possible!

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  1. Mark I see you every day ,I love you program ,please sent me the address and private I like to help whit a little money for that nice boy ? and the birds are sad mourning the dead are the bird

  2. Huge respect mark.. I love watching your video.. you have a great respect to people n culture.. God bless you and your family mark.. I hope 1 day you will come to Fiji and try our local traditional food

  3. These videos are fantastic. I feel like I'm the invisible person on this journey.
    I just don't understand why Mark eats so much chillie. It can kill the natural flavors of the food. I get it, but I try to give my taste buds a break from all the hot sauces and chillies. I think it's like an insult to the person cooking the food if you load so much spice on to your food.
    Crows work as a team. They were probably discussing the death of one of the family. ?
    Why was that dog's tail so dirty ?

  4. When Mark goes to these cold mountain places he needs an extra sweater & a scarf because the thin coat he wears is ridiculous. The crows & cranes in this place are magical creatures. I am wondering why the stairway to the front of the house is so steep. Does this place get snowed in during the winter?

  5. Hey Mark , i am the late viewer of Bhutan Trip. But i loved it because i hv lots of friends from Bhutan back from college u brought all the memories back with that azey and dachi???

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