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  1. Shyt tht lil mutt gon get stepped on aka crushed haha but dey got tht shyt nigguh kn say he lost kuz he still wanted to box

  2. Black men anger should be rechanneled to have sex with each other or a girl instead of violence. More love, sex, will reduce eliminate violence.

  3. END ALL FOOD STAMPS and welfare!! Make these people WORK or go to SCHOOL. They have too much time to fight in the streets with babies and living off the government (us tax payers).

  4. This is what untrained fighting looks like . They tried. With some one who is trained people like this do not stand a chance .

  5. This is like XBox for the hood rats. When you can't afford an XBox, or don't want to get caught looting, you go into the street with your kids and fist fight. Looks like Trump will clean this up.

  6. POOR BLACK PEOPLE BRINGING DOWN POOR BLACK PEOPLE. The only intelligent person there is the guy in the black shirt for breaking it up. Do any of these people even go to school? Sad, with babies there too.

  7. Would females jump in dude fights while in the midst of wanting equality??? That's like wanting to be treated the same as your sibling who catches level 50 grade A ass whoopings with a wooden fraternity paddle. C'mon Bruh, be smart…

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